How To Heal Wounded Feminine & Masculine Energy (AR #131)

When I first learned that our inner feminine and masculine energy can either express in a healthy empowered way, or in a wounded and shadow way, it shifted everything for me.

I suddenly began to see how much I was operating in wounded feminine and masculine energy which was not only damaging my relationships but was also sabotaging my success in my business.

When I began to heal these core parts of me, everything began to change. I began to rise into an empowered divine feminine energy and create a healthy inner masculine that deeply supports me.

Today I am explaining these energies in detail in for you and giving you some powerful starting steps so you can create deep healing and embodied shifts.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹 The key signs that you’re operating from wounded feminine or wounded masculine energy
🌹 What it looked like for me when I was stuck in these energies
🌹 The root cause of these wounded expressions of behaviour
🌹 Why trying to fix the surface expression of your perfectionism, people-pleasing, over-giving or over-achieving doesn’t work
🌹 Questions to help you uncover your deeper wounds
🌹How to shift from externally seeking to internally sourcing
🌹 Loving, healing and supporting wounded parts of you
🌹 The importance of staying attuned to what is happening in your body
🌹The KEY to moving from wounded feminine and masculine to healthy and empowered feminine and masculine energy
🌹 Examples of how I healed my wounded patterns around relationships and work

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