The Art Of Embodied Manifestation & How To Practice It (AR #133)

Would you like to know how to create and manifest what you desire in a way that feels embodied, nourishing and easeful?

In today's episode, I am diving deep into a conversation on embodied manifestation, which is an approach to manifesting that is guided by your body, your intuition and your feminine energy and is deeply supportive of your nervous system.

You will learn how integrating the principles of magnetism, intuition, somatic healing, alignment, embodiment and nervous system regulation into your manifestation process can accelerate the creation of your desires.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹The power of reconnecting with your desires at the mid-point of the year
🌹What manifestation is (and isn’t)
🌹Why mindset work and positive thinking is not enough to create what you want
🌹Why embodiment and somatic work is KEY to being a powerful manifester
🌹The exact step-by-step process I use to manifest a new desire
🌹How to make a new desire feel safe to your body and nervous system
🌹My process for uncovering and alchemising your subconscious blocks
🌹The importance of getting into energetic alignment
🌹How to take intuitively-guided action to create your desires

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