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Would you like to discover the secret to effortlessly manifesting your desires in a way that makes you feel feminine, flowing and completely guided?

As women, we naturally have a magnetic energy.

When we are embodying our pleasure, sensuality, playfulness, lightness and joy, we radiate a bright and vibrant frequency.

When we are connected to our body, anchored in our divine power and tuned into our intuition, we feel deeply supported and effortlessly guided to what we want.

When we awaken and embody the fullness of our radiant feminine essence, our energy becomes like a magnet attracting into our life what our heart desires.

But when we disconnect from our essence and get stuck in our heads, planning, controlling and trying to make things happen, we disconnect from the natural flow of life.

Our innate magic dries up, our manifestations are stifled, and our desires remain unfulfilled.

When we disconnect from our magnetic feminine energy, we disconnect from our ability to effortlessly create the life of our dreams.

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Your feminine magnetism is your gift as a woman.

It is a gift that allows you to drop into the flow and be carried to where you need to be with complete faith and trust.

It is a gift that allows you to sink into your natural essence and experience ease, pleasure, aliveness and abundance.

It is a gift that allows you to feel guided by your divine inner wisdom, where your steps are revealed clearly by your intuition without you having to figure them out.

Magnetism is about coming into alignment with your radiant feminine essence and then allowing yourself to flow and be led to what is truly right for you - what is right for your highest expansion and growth and your highest joy.

It is about knowing that you are always radiating a frequency and when you tune your frequency to one of pleasure, joy, play, radiance and love, your life becomes magical.

Are you ready to experience the magic of your own magnetism?

Introducing She Is Magnetic

In She is Magnetic you will learn how to manifest your desires by awakening and embodying your magnetic feminine energy.

In this live 21 day experience, you will receive daily journaling activities, powerful live classes and guided embodiment exercises to help you awaken your radiant feminine energy.

You will learn the secrets to manifesting your desires with ease, flow, surrender, trust and pleasure.

She Is Magnetic will support you to wrap up the year 2020 with love and gratitude and realign your energy in preparation for the new year. 

Your daily journaling activities will guide you through reflective questions to help you integrate your experiences from 2020 and become intentional about what you create in 2021. Then, the powerful Masterclasses will teach you the principles you need to manifest what your heart desires moving forward.

You will also share the whole journey with Connie and a supportive, like-minded community.

She Is Magnetic is for you if:

√  You've heard a lot about manifestation but you can't figure out how to get it working in your life.
You have dreams that you have been working on manifesting for a long time, yet they're still not here.
You find yourself relying on action, hard work and control to try and manifest what you want.
You feel disconnected from your divine feminine energy, radiance, pleasure and power.
You struggle to hear your intuition when manifesting, and your mind always takes over.
You're in a pattern of manifesting what you don't want, rather than what you do want.
√  You find it hard to be in the unknown and surrender and trust that everything will work out.
You're ready to learn how to use energetic, feminine and spiritual principles to manifest your desires rather than hard work and action.
You want support to complete 2020 with love and gratitude and release the heaviness of this year so you can prepare for a nourishing and magical 2021.

Discover The Art Of Feminine Manifestation

The art of feminine manifestation is about creating harmony between our inner feminine magnetic energy and our inner masculine achiever energy.

This approach allows for a beautiful combination of energy work and action. You create a magnetic energy field and then you take inspired and aligned steps forward.

In this way of manifesting, you don't lose touch with your feminine while taking action, but you also don't spend all your time just working on your energy.

Instead, you experience a harmonious dance between showing up and surrendering, doing and being, and creating and receiving.

You don't try to plan or control the whole process. Instead, you know that you are co-creating with the Universe and so you listen to your intuition for the steps you need to take.

This way of manifesting and working towards what you want allows you to still be committed and taking action, but ensures your energy remains radiant, magnetic and deeply connected your body through the process.

This truly is the secret to manifesting all you desire.

What Is Included In She Is Magnetic?

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Live Masterclass #1: The Principles Of Feminine Magnetism

In this 90 minute Masterclass, you will learn what it means to be magnetic, how to awaken your innate feminine magnetism, and the mistakes you may be making which are actually repelling what you want.

You will learn how to embody the key principles of feminine magnetism including pleasure, embodiment, sensuality, play, receptivity, trust, surrender, flow, openness and leaning back.

You will also learn a range of powerful practices and tools that you can draw on to come deeper into your feminine energy, and amplify your radiance and magnetism.

(valued at $500)

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Live Masterclass #2: How To Bring Your Desires To Life

In this 90 minute Masterclass, you will learn about the power of feminine desire, why your desires make you magnetic and how being in a place of need repels what you want.

You will learn the importance of fully owning and claiming your desires and a step by step process for making them a reality. You will learn how to dematerialise old manifestations to make way for the new and how to use your energy to consciously create what you desire.

You will also learn the spiritual principles of feminine magnetism including divine timing, soul growth, detachment, alignment, intuition and inspired action which form key elements of the manifestation process.

(valued at $500)

She Is Magnetic _21 Prompts

21 Daily Journaling Activities

Every day through the course you will receive a journaling activity delivered to your inbox.

These 21 journaling prompts will guide you through powerful inner work exercises to help you create inner shifts, release past patterns, change your energy and move into the new year with clarity and confidence.

(valued at $400)

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Q&A Group Coaching Call

In this 90 minute Group Coaching Call, you will have the opportunity to submit questions and receive personalised Coaching support from Connie in any area you are needing help with.

Connie will answer all of your questions and offer tools, practices, strategies and guidance that will speak directly to your unique situation or challenge.

(valued at $500)

Plus These Bonuses:

√  2 x Guided Embodiment & Magnetism Exercises - These guided exercises will be led live by Connie in your Facebook community and will support you to come into your body, connect with your heart and activate your feminine magnetic energy. (valued at $350)

√  A Feminine Morning Ritual - A step by step morning ritual that you can use to connect with your heart, open and soften your body and anchor into your divine feminine energy. (valued at $50)

√  Resources For Feminine Living - A resource list full of recommended books, podcasts, videos, courses, teachers and other resources which will help you dive deeper into your self-love and feminine living practice. (valued at $50)

√  The Turn Inwards Journaling Guide - A 90 Page eBook designed to help you start a new journaling practise or deepen your existing practice. (valued at $25)

√  A Supportive Facebook Community - You will join a like-minded community where you can receive support, ask questions and connect with other members in She Is Magnetic. (valued at $500)

√  A Private Members Site -  All of your She Is Magnetic coursework will be stored on a secure membership site for ongoing access.

Total Course Value: $2,875

Join She Is Magnetic


She Is Magnetic Begins November 16th

This is a live course where you will move through the coursework with Connie and your community in real-time. You will receive daily journaling activities through the duration of the course as well as 3 live sessions with Connie.

The Masterclasses* and Q&A Coaching Call** will run live at the following times:
Masterclass One - Monday 16th November 9am AEDT
Masterclass Two - Monday 23rd November 6pm AEDT
Q&A Group Coaching Call - Monday 30th November 9am AEDT

*All Masterclasses will be recorded and uploaded to the member's site, so do not worry if you cannot attend at the live time. You will still be able to watch the class.
**All questions for the Q&A Call will be submitted in advance so if you cannot attend live, you can still get your questions answered. This session will also be recorded and the replay will be uploaded to the member's site.

In She Is Magnetic You Will Learn:

√  Practices to awaken and embody your feminine radiance, sensuality, pleasure, abundance and magnetism.
How to balance masculine aspects of manifestation like action, commitment and strategy with feminine aspects like surrender, flow, receptivity and trust.
How to work through feelings of control, anxiety and need that are repelling your manifestations.
Practices to come deeper into your body so you can allow more of your feminine radiance to flow through you.
How to receive guidance from your intuition and feel supported by the Universe.
The power of energy alignment and how to make your energy magnetic to what you desire.
How to connect with your heart so you can clarify what you truly want.

√  How to work through any resistance you have around your feminine so you can feel safe and free in her energy.
All of the tools and practices I use in my own life to manifest love, money,  connection, opportunity and more.

Meet Your Mentor:


Hi, I'm Connie. I am a Women's Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Writer and the host of the top-ranking podcast Awaken Radio.

For the past 8 years, I have been working with heart-centred women from all around the world in my coaching practice and online courses, helping them to reconnect with their wholeness, radiance, inner wisdom, power and magnetism.

Throughout this time, I have seen way too many magnificent women experiencing a disconnection from their divine feminine energy.

At some point in their life, they learnt that it wasn't safe to embody their radiant, magnetic feminine essence.

They developed the belief that their feminine sensitivity made them weak, their loving, generous hearts got them hurt, and that their softness and beauty attracted unwanted attention. They learnt that in order to succeed in the world, they had to shut down their feminine and become strong, hardworking and independent.

So my mission has become to support women to reclaim the beauty, power and magic of their feminine essence.

In my work, I help women awaken their sensuality, pleasure, joy and aliveness, deeply love who they are, and activate their radiant feminine heart. I empower them to feel safe embodying their feminine power, wisdom and magnetism so they can create a life they truly desire.

This Is Why I Created She Is Magnetic

I spent many years being completely disconnected from feminine energy and my radiance. I often felt I had to draw on my inner masculine energy in order to succeed. I didn't understand the power of my feminine magnetism, and instead, I was operating from fear and control. I relied on logic, action and hard work, and I was grasping, pushing and striving my way through life.

I first discovered the principles of manifestation and the Law of Attraction back in 2006, but back then I was ‘trying’ to apply these principles without realising I was doing everything wrong. I was still controlling the whole process and was totally stuck in my head. I was anxious, out of alignment and unable to trust the process.

It was not until I began exploring my own feminine energy and integrating the principles of magnetism into my manifestation process that everything shifted.

As I learnt how to come into my body, awaken my sensuality, deepen my pleasure, embody my radiant light, expand my receptivity and practise trust and surrender, my whole life started to change. I called in a loving relationship after 6 years of being single, began selling out all of my programs and my income skyrocketed.

Over the past few years of awakening and embodying my feminine, I now have discovered the innate magnetism that all women hold, and that is our gift to tap into to create a life filled with pleasure and joy.

And now I want to teach everything I have learned to you.

What past courses members are saying:

"Thank you so much Connie for this beautiful course. It has been a massive turning point for me! My biggest takeaway was simply the practice itself of finding time every day for me, and pushing through those uncomfortable feelings because real insights and breakthroughs are on the other side! I had many, and the people closest to me have seen real changes in the past three weeks. I am very grateful to have taken part!" - TASHI

"I have learned some amazing things through this course. Even though this year has been about transformation and change and receiving so many blessings, I still had some subconscious wounds and fears coming to the surface. Journaling through these fears and thoughts allowed me to face where they were really coming from head on, and work through them in my journaling. Once I did this I started to notice things shifting in such a positive way! I feel so ready to shift into a new way of thinking and approaching my past hurts and fears differently so that I can be in the present and put my energy into manifesting even more of my desires!" - JADE

"The exercises were really powerful and I have seriously enjoyed getting to know myself and what I want... now to make it all happen. Feeling super excited about the new year and keeping up my journaling to feel so much more clear and take action. I have been listening to the calls bit by bit as there are so many gold nuggets to take in. Thank you so much, Connie. I  feel like you’ve opened up a box of magic for me. You are so inspiring." - DI

"Connie, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working on the prompts and have been loving them so far! I’ve also watched the first workshop and it was incredibly validating. So much of it was stuff I have been working on for a few years already and knowing that I’m on the right path was really useful. I can’t wait to work through all the exercises and see how things turn out. I absolutely loved both the workshops. They were so informative and full of wisdom. Thank you for all the work you do." - MANASI

"I can't tell you how many shifts have occurred for me and the synchronicity is through the roof! Thank you for offering this class. You are a wonderful, inspiring, woman. This course could not have come at a more perfect time!" - BRIGITTA

"The prompts have been so powerful for me. I started writing during my morning routine & was sharing so much from my soul - such words I have never even known associated with these patterns. I feel I really started to tap into the fear associated with these behaviours!  I finally watched Workshop 1 last night and it was so powerful for me. I've scheduled in the time to watch the live ritual tonight and I'm going to be writing this letter all day in preparation for the Completion Ritual! This is going to be so therapeutic and transformative." - SINEAD

"I loved the journaling prompts. So many of them are going to get reused over and over again. The prompts really encouraged me to release old energy while simultaneously focusing energy on positive and/or new things, to leave my journaling practise on a happy note. Thank you for the loving guidance and these amazing tools." - MADDIE

"Thank you for putting so much time and love into this course! I’ve already gotten a lot out of it already and I am sad to think it’s almost over. I have a ton of notes, especially from the two workshops, and feel like I’ll have a lot of work to do in December, which I’m looking forward to!" - BETH

"Thank you, Connie. This course has been so helpful in turning around some patterns for me. Thank you for your candour and sincere open heart through the process. It's amazing to meet someone so willing to hold space for us as we venture through vulnerable territory. Thank you again." - SUZIE

"While writing my completion letter, what came through was intense. Ripping it up and releasing it, brought extremely strong feelings. There were so many tears. I not only ripped those two full A4, double-sided pages up, I burned them as well! It felt extremely liberating to voice how I was feeling as I ripped it all up and burnt it and truly felt it let go from my body. I pulled some amazing oracle cards afterwards as well! All so extremely positive and uplifting. Yeah! So happy! And feel so much lighter and free. Loving this course so much Connie thank you for creating it." - MICHELLE

"Thank you Connie for your amazing guidance over the 21 days! I was able to do some deep inner child work through the journaling. I feel as though I am just recovering from the release. Thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. This has been amazing!" - MARIA

"Thank you so much for this beautiful course! I am now turning to journaling as a tool for processing things, in a greater way than I have ever before. I loved the completion ritual too." - ULRIKA

Are You Ready For More Ease & Flow?

You have an innate magnetism that is the secret key to creating what you most desire. This is your superpower as a woman.

It is your birthright to live a life of pleasure, ease and abundance, but for as long as you place everything else above what makes you feel good, you won't experience the joy you are craving.

It is your birthright to feel guided and taken care of by the Universe, but for as long as you keep trying to do it alone, you won't be able to receive the support that is available for you.

It is your birthright to see your desires come to life effortlessly, but as long as you are relying on hard work, action and control, you will be cut off from the ease that is possible for you. 

As you make the journey back to your divine feminine essence, your innate magnetic radiance will begin to awaken within you. As your energy changes and vibrates at a new frequency, your whole life will start to change.

When you feel full, whole, radiant, abundant, joyful and luminous within yourself, you can combine heart-aligned action with your innate magnetism to manifest a beautiful, fulfilling life.

Are you ready?

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