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Additional notes for your Day Eight activity:

Look back over the qualities that you identified in yesterday’s activity that you want to embody in 2021. For each quality, reflect on what has been preventing you up until now to fully express this quality. Or, as you imagine becoming more embodied in that quality, what fears, concerns, resistance or inner stories arise?

It is important to become aware of what is holding you back from feeling safe letting these parts of you be seen. The qualities you have chosen are innate to who you are, and are stirring within you because they are ready to be expressed and experienced in a bigger way.

It is also important to become aware of anything you may be doing consciously or unconsciously that diminishes the qualities within you that you most want to embody, so take some time to explore that too.


Additional notes for your Day Nine activity:

In Masterclass One, we explored a wide range of practices that you can work with to activate, awaken and amplify your feminine energy. Make a note of the practices that you have used before and which you know do a beautiful job of helping you embody your feminine energy.

In your journal, write these out so you can clearly see the practices that you want to work with. You may also add onto this list any additional practices that were mentioned that you are yet to work with. Add to your list the ones that you feel most drawn to or most excited to begin practising.

It may be helpful to write your list on a separate piece of paper and keep it somewhere nearby so that you can easily refer to it when you are needing some inspiration on how to return to your feminine.


Additional notes for your Day Ten activity:

You can experience so much pleasure through your sensuality. For today’s activity, write each of the five senses in your journal, and under each of them write your favourite ways to experience pleasure through that sense.

For example:
Taste - What are your favourite flavours and textures? Creamy, sweet, warm, crunchy? What foods or drinks do you love the most and which bring you the most pleasure?
Touch - What are your favourite fabrics, feelings or touch sensations? Do you enjoy soft silky fabric, the feeling of someone stroking your arm or hair, the feeling of grass or sand on your feet, or the feeling of a hot bath?
Sight - What is beautiful and visually pleasing for you? Do you like warm, dim lighting, bright sunlight, a lush green view, a clean home, a tidy desk? Do you love seeing flowers in your home, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a wild ocean?
Sound - What sounds are most soothing for you? Soft, slow music or upbeat tunes? The quiet sound of nature, the rustling of trees in the wind, the roar of the ocean?
Smell - What smells bring you pleasure? A home-cooked meal, the scent of essential oils or a candle, the smell of a bookstore, your partner’s cologne, the salty ocean, freshly washed sheets?


Additional notes for your Day Eleven activity:

Before you sit down to journal today, spend some time tuning into your heart. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and listen. Breath deep and feel your heart energy awaken behind your hand. Stay there for a while, breathing and connecting.

Listen into your heart. Listen to what your heart is desiring, yearning for and craving. Don’t judge anything your heart is asking for or start thinking about how you will get it. Instead, just deeply honour and witness your heart and all she is craving.

Give her permission to speak to you and allow her to desire and dream as big as she wants. Once you can really feel the energy of your desires moving through your heart, pick up your pen, open your journal and write everything down without any censoring.


Additional notes for your Day Twelve activity:

You don’t have to know how your desires will come to life, or know every step you will need to take. However, as a starting point is helpful to get all your thoughts and ideas out onto paper as a way to see what your beginning steps may be.

Today’s activity is not about creating a plan. It is about doing a big heart-storm (like a brainstorm from your heart) of everything you can think or feel that would help you bring what you want to life.

Keep this activity lighthearted. There is no pressure to know the whole path ahead, but it is empowering to explore the ideas and steps that you can see will help you get there.


Additional notes for your Day Thirteen activity:

The energy of our inner masculine can be incredibly supportive and calming for our inner feminine. It helps take all of her energy, feeling, desires and ideas and give them direction. It helps her get grounded and committed to what she desires so she can bring it to life.

For your inner feminine to experience what she desires for 2021, she will need to draw on her inner masculine to support her. Explore in your journal how you would like to draw on your inner masculine to help you create what you want.

Where would you like to practise deeper commitment? Where would you like to be more consistent? Where would it feel supportive to have more structure or some systems in place? Where do you need a plan? Where do you need to show up with more action? What will help give your inner feminine clarity, grounding and direction?


Additional notes for your Day Fourteen activity:

A boundary is a way that you honour yourself, your time and your energy. You can implement boundaries by deciding what you will say Yes and No to, what you will and won’t give your time and energy to, what you will and won’t tolerate from others and yourself.

Today, feel into the places where you are currently needing better boundaries. Where are you saying Yes when you want to say No? Where are you giving time and energy to people or things that are draining you? Where are you tolerating behaviour from others that does not honour you? Where are you feeling resentment, obligation and should’s? 

What do you need to put in place to better honour your time, your energy and yourself in 2021?

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