21 Days of Journaling

Additional notes for your Day Eight activity:

Balance is a bit of a myth, and I am not suggesting that you strive for perfection in this area. However, it is important to look the places where it feels like there is a significant imbalance in some area, which is having a negative impact on you, or on other areas of your life.

When you first read the question, you will most likely have an area of life, or a situation come to mind right away. Perhaps on some level you already know what is out of balance, but you haven't as yet made the time to work on it.

If you want further support with identifying an area, or if you want to take this exercise a little deeper, I suggest reflecting on the following questions:
+ Where is there too much, or not enough of something?
+ Where are you giving more than you are receiving?
+ What feels like it is missing for you at the moment?
+ What are you not making time for that is important to you?
+ Which areas of your life are getting too much of your time and energy, and which areas are being ignored or neglected as a result?


Additional notes for your Day Nine activity:

Your heart is the source of so much loving wisdom and support, and it is always guiding you to what is truly right for you.

If you are not used to tuning into your heart energy, you may not feel a connection to it right away, or hear its guidance immediately. It may take some practice and patience, and that is totally ok. Simply start by placing your hands over your heart space, and hold your focus on that area for a few minutes as you breathe deeply. Trust whatever you feel, hear, see, experience or sense as you tune into your heart, and write it in your journal without questioning or analysing it.

To help activate your heart energy, you can play some beautiful, emotive music or think about something you love or feel grateful for. It can also be supportive to get out into nature, go for a long walk, or practise meditation, yoga or dance as this will help you drop out of your head, and come deeper into your body.


Additional notes for your Day Ten activity:

Fear will often arise as you start stepping into the new. It can cause you to hesitate, hold back or avoid taking the steps that will help you move forward. It can leave you feeling anxious or frozen on the spot, unable to step into the new beginnings you want to create. It can also cause you to sabotage your desires, without knowing why.

Today's exercise will support you to reflect on the areas where you know you want to move forward into something new, but you have been unable to take the steps you want to take. In these places, dig a little deeper to see where there may be a fear that is blocking you.

Your first step is to simply identify what you are afraid of, as this awareness will allow you to change it. If you want to dig a little deeper, reflect on how you want to support yourself through this fear, and what will help you feel safe to move forward.


Additional notes for your Day Eleven activity:

As we move through periods of change, letting go and transition, we will often be faced with the unknown or a lot of uncertainty. These times can feel incredibly unsettling, and they can also be very challenging to navigate. However, the more you can flow with what is happening rather than resisting it, the easier it will become.

These periods of unknown and uncertainty always have beautiful lessons to teach us. They can teach us how to release our need to be in control. They can help us let go a little, and live more deeply in the present moment. They can help us find deeper trust in ourselves, as we can no longer look outside of ourselves for certainty. They can help us learn patience and surrender, and how to flow with what life is bringing.

Whatever situation you are facing, see if you can shift your perspective. See if you can open up and accept what life is bringing you, rather than resisting it. Look for what life is encouraging you to practise right now. Look for where it is asking you to shift out of fear or control, and instead come into deeper connection with the little voice within that is always guiding you, and is telling you everything is going to be ok.


Additional notes for your Day Twelve activity:

Much of the letting go that we have been doing this year, has been preparing us for the next level that we are ready to step into. We have been growing and transforming this year. We have been upleveling our mindset, energy and way of being, and now many of us feel ready to expand into new territory in our lives.

When you read today's question, you may clearly know the next level you feel ready to step into, as you have probably been thinking about it all year. If nothing comes to mind, think about where you are wanting to expand, step up or call in more.

This expansion could be related to a certain area of life such as your finances, health, career or relationships. What feels like the next level in each of these areas? You may also think about where you want to go to the next level within your lifestyle, habits, mindset or how you feel in your relationship with yourself. Trust whatever comes through clearest for you as you ponder today's activity.


Additional notes for your Day Thirteen activity:

Today's activity is part of your preparation for the New Beginnings Ritual. I would like you to refer to this letter as you watch this session, as we will be using it as part of the activity.

There is no right or wrong way to write this letter. You may simply begin with a few key words describing how you want to feel. You may write it as a list of intentions. You may like to write each area of your life as a subheading, and then write a few sentences to describe what you want to create in that area.

The purpose of this letter is to declare to the Universe what new beginnings you are ready to call in and step into. The aim is to send out a clear message about who you want to be, and what you are wanting to manifest. You may not have complete clarity on all of your desires, intentions, dreams and plans as yet, and that is ok. This may be a letter that you choose to re-visit and continue to work on overtime. Just trust whatever clarity flows through for you today.


Additional notes for your Day Fourteen activity:

In the busy lives that we lead, it is easy to become disconnected from our feelings and our deepest needs. We can forget to check in on ourselves. We may miss the messages of our body and our emotions, which are always trying to communicate with us.

Today's activity is a simple self-care practice, that encourages you to tune in to yourself and get in touch with how you are feeling. It gives you a moment to pause, and connect with your inner world. It provides the opportunity to listen to what your inner self is needing, wanting and craving, and then practise self-love by giving that to yourself.

This would be a beautiful practice to continue working with each day to help you stay connected to your feelings and your needs. You can ask yourself these questions each morning in your journal as an ongoing self-care practice.