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Additional notes for your Day Eight activity:
While you may already be aware of what all of these little things are that get you feeling good and bring you into alignment, it is great to write it all out together so you can refer to it any time you need a pick me up.

Some of the things that are on my list of go-to practices for raising my vibration include: a hot bath, getting a massage, dancing to an upbeat song, swimming in the ocean, doing a big coastal walk, feeling the sunshine on my skin, a big mug of hot coconut cacao, diffusing essential oils, listening to a podcast, pampering myself with a face mask or body massage, a hug from my partner, pole dancing class, stretching out on my yoga mat, a soothing guided meditation, just to name a few!


Additional notes for your Day Nine activity:
Take a moment to tune into what you desire for 2020 and choose a word that describes how you would love the year to feel, or how you would love to feel as you move through the year. What would you like the theme of next year to be for you?

Then, explore what living guided by this theme or feeling word in 2020 will look like. What does this word or theme mean to you? How will this theme guide you and your choices and actions throughout the year? What will you need to let go of or stop doing so you can feel this way? What will you need to start practising or change to help you feel this way in 2020?


Additional notes for your Day Ten activity:
Identify an area of your life that you are ready to expand. It may be an area where you have long-held desires and dreams that you are ready to materialise or an area that has felt stuck or stagnant for a while and you are now ready to create a change.

Reflect on what your 'next level' in this area of your life means to you. What would expanding this area of your life look like? Is it about creating bigger results, calling in something new or stepping up? Or, is it about making changes so that this area of life can feel more joyful and fulfilling?

In your journal, explore what you feel ready to create or manifest in this area. Describe what you desire in detail in the present tense as though it has already happened. Also, be sure to include how you want this area of life to feel so you can really connect with the emotions of this next-level reality.


Additional notes for your Day Eleven activity:
Sometimes it can feel confusing to know if the inner voice you hear is coming from your mind or intuition. It may take time to be able to clearly hear what your inner voice is saying, but despite this, you most likely still feel and know deep down what it is trying to show you.

Get honest with yourself today. Enter this exercise with the belief that you do have a guiding inner voice, and on some level, you know exactly what it is trying to tell you or show you. You may start your entry today with the question 'Dear inner guidance, what do I need to know?' or 'Dear inner guidance, what step do I most need to take?' Trust whatever flows onto the page.

If you feel conflicting energies or hear different perspectives, just write them out too. Sometimes putting it all out onto the page can help you find clarity.


Additional notes for your Day Twelve activity:
In today's activity, reflect on a few areas where you want to learn something new or step outside your comfort zone in some way in 2020. Is there a new hobby or activity you want to take on? Is there an area of learning that you want to dive deeper into? Is there something that you want to do which will really stretch and challenge you?

Also, reflect on any areas within yourself that you would like to grow and develop. You may want to grow in your levels of confidence, in how you handle money, in your feminine or masculine energy, in your creativity or in your health and fitness, for example. Explore what will help you do this.

Setting intentions for how you want to grow and expand within yourself is just as valuable as setting goals for what you want to achieve or create, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to really explore today's activity.


Additional notes for your Day Thirteen activity:
In today's exercise, reflect over the year and really acknowledge yourself for the places that you experienced growth, development or expansion within yourself. 

Look for those places where you did something that made you uncomfortable, took a new step, learnt a new way of doing things, challenged yourself, committed to growing within yourself or developed a new part of yourself.

You may also like to reflect on what qualities you cultivated within yourself through doing this. Did taking this step demonstrate courage, strength, openness, self-love, resilience, surrender, determination or a powerful faith in your heart and intuition, for example? Take time to reflect today and really acknowledge yourself.


Additional notes for your Day Fourteen activity:
Achieving something that feels important and significant to you, often involves having to break through some level of fear. Most of our big heart-driven dreams tend to make us both excited and scared at the same time.

In today’s activity, explore the fear that feels like the biggest and most significant one for you which you know you will need to face and overcome to create what you desire in 2020.

Fear loses its power over you when you face it, witness it, and shine a light upon it. So today, take a deep look at this fear. Reflect on where it came from and how this fear has been holding you back up until this point. Then reflect on why you are ready to break through this fear and let it go.

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