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+ Write the question in your journal at the top of the page and read over it a few times. Sit with the question and take a few deep breaths, and begin to notice what arises in you.
+ As soon as you hear the words forming in your mind, put pen to paper and start writing. I suggest writing as much as you can, without stopping to re-read. 
+ If you reach a point where you think you have written all you can, see if you can write some more. Simply pause, take a few deep breaths, re-read the question and see if anything else flows.
+ Allow this to be a creative writing experience, where you are free to express and explore the prompts in any way you want. Try to not overthink it, or aim to get it right or perfect, as that will block your expression. 
+ If nothing comes to mind in response to a question, simply start writing and allow the clarity to come as you write. Sometimes when your hand starts moving, it supports the words to flow.
+ If at any stage you feel really stuck, you can leave a prompt and revisit it later.

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Day One - Align & Elevate

Additional notes for your Day One activity:
As you reflect on this prompt you may find that your theme comes to mind very clearly. This may be something you have already been reflecting on through the year. However, if you are finding it difficult to pinpoint, reflect on the feelings or emotions you have experienced a lot through the year. Also, think about the common thread that has run through many of your experiences, learnings or lessons.

Some examples of themes might be: Trust, Up-leveling, Surrender, Transition, Expansion, Completion, Transformation, Abundance, Flow, Freedom, Expression, Feminine Energy, Self-Care, Balance, Courage, Love, etc. If you feel that your year has had several themes, you can choose more than one, and explore how they all tie together.


Additional notes for your Day Two activity:
There is a range of ways that you can approach today's activity. You may like to look at the external areas of your life and notice what is feeling heavy or out of alignment and what you want to let go of. You may reflect within yourself on any patterns of behaviour, ways of thinking or habits which you do not want to continue practising. Or, you may reflect over any particular cycles or chapters that you feel have been unfolding in your life, which you are now ready to end.

Just trust yourself on what first comes to mind when you read this prompt and begin there. You do not have to cover all areas of yourself and your life, just explore the ones that feel the strongest to you at this time and the ones that first come to mind when you read this prompt.


Additional notes for your Day Three activity:
Sometimes we feel and know that we want to let something go, but we find it hard to do. We find ourselves clinging to the very thing we want to release.

It could be a belief system that feels really familiar to you, an unhealthy habit you have been doing for years, a relationship that doesn't feel good, a work situation that brings you stress, a pattern of behaviour that makes you feel disempowered, or a way of thinking or talking to yourself that holds you back.

It is important to look at why you may be holding onto it. Does it keep you safe or protect you? Does it allow you to play small? Does it allow you to make excuses and not move forward? Is it keeping you in your comfort zone or in what is familiar? Get honest. Then think about what would be possible for you if you let this go.

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Additional notes for your Day Four activity:
As you reflect on this prompt, you may notice that there is something significant you manifested this year that felt wonderful and magical to you. If so, see if you can reflect on how you manifested this. What did you do to call this into your life?

You may also notice that there weren't any big or special manifestations, but perhaps there were some changes you made or something you achieved or created which brought you new levels of happiness. Be sure to acknowledge this, no matter how small it seems.

It is so important that we take time to feel proud of ourselves, appreciate what we have created and celebrate ourselves for all we achieved.


Additional notes for your Day Five activity:
If something you were wanting to create, manifest or achieve in 2019 did not come to fruition, don't beat up on yourself or feel like a failure. Rather, see this as a powerful learning opportunity.

This is a chance to become aware of what may have held you back or got in your way. This is a chance to see what is not working or supporting you to have what you want. This is a chance to get honest about where you are not showing up. Or, alternatively, this is a chance to practise trust and surrender to see that there may be a higher reason why it was not the right time for it to happen.

Learn from your experience this year and then reflect on what you can do differently in 2020 to manifest what you want.


Additional notes for your Day Six activity:
You may like to create two columns or subheadings where you can explore the energy of your current self, versus the energy you began to connect with when you aligned with your highest self.

Notice the difference between the two and explore everything that is different from your mindset, self-talk and thinking, to how you feel, move and act. This will help you see what shifts you need to create within yourself to align with your highest self.

For example, as your current self you may often feel lack or anxiety, talk to yourself with criticism, have low energy and often hold back out of fear. But, as your highest self you may feel trust and calmness, talk to yourself with love and kindness, feel vibrant energy and courageously step outside your comfort zone.


Additional notes for your Day Seven activity:
Spend a few minutes breathing into your body and calling into the energy of your highest self. As you connect with this energy and align with your highest self more deeply, begin to turn your focus to 2020.

As you feel your energy expand and lighten and your mind open, ask your highest self to show you what is next for you in 2020. What visions, dreams and desires does your highest self hold? If you were living as your highest self and you were free of fear and limitation, what would be possible? What would you most love to create, achieve, do or manifest in 2020?

Write down in your journal any of the ideas, plans or inspired visions that come to mind. You don't need to know how they will come to life, just write them down.

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