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Tips & guidelines for working through the Masterclasses:

+ You will have 2 weeks to work through the video Masterclass and Workbook before the next class is released.
+ Where possible, I suggest watching the Masterclass before working through the Workbook questions.
+ You are welcome to work through the video Masterclass and the Workbooks in sections or stages, rather than all in one go. Just follow and trust whatever feels best for you.
+ All of the Workbooks are editable PDF documents that you can type directly into. Just download the Workbook to your computer before typing to ensure all your changes save.
+ While the Workbook will help you more deeply explore the principles of the Masterclass, it does not include content from the class, so please do take a lot of your own notes through the video Masterclass.
+ If you hit resistance or draw a blank with questions, you can leave them and come back to them later. Or, you may need to practise some meditation to help you get out of your head, so you can write from a deeper space.
+ You do not have to answer all of the questions in the Workbook if you do not want to. You are welcome to leave some if they do not resonate, or if you simply cannot answer them.
+ If any of your own personal questions arise through the class, make note of them and please post them in our Facebook group where myself and your tribe can answer them. Alternatively, save them up for the live Group Coaching Call.

Masterclass #01: Tune Into Your Heart & Clarify Your Vision

Masterclass #02: Upgrade Your Mindset & Align Your Energy

Masterclass #03: Clear Your Blocks & Move Beyond Fear

Masterclass #04: Embody Your Power & Start Manifesting

Masterclass #05: Build Your Platform & Attract Your Tribe

Masterclass #06: Share Your Message & Express Your Truth

Masterclass #07: Offer Your Gifts & Receive Abundance

Masterclass #08: Transition Out Of The Old & Into The New

Masterclass #09: Work Intuitively & Be Guided From Within

Masterclass #10: Expand Your Vision & Play Bigger

Bonus Masterclass

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