The Dream Creator Mastermind



I am so thrilled to have you here, and I can't wait to see what magic unfolds for you through this journey.

Making this commitment is a powerful declaration to the Universe that you are ready to honour your deepest desires and show up for what you truly want, so well done! I am excited to see what manifests for you over the next 5 months.

Starting Steps:

+ Please watch the video above. It is also available to view in our Facebook Community.
+ In this video, I ask each of you to record a short video to introduce yourself to the group. This is simply a brief clip to share a little about yourself, why you joined the Mastermind, and what you would like to achieve through the program. While this may feel outside your comfort zone, it is a powerful and beautiful way for us all to connect, and for you to practise greater visibility. Please post your video in the group by Sunday 3rd February 2019.
+ In our Facebook Community, I have created a document called 'Members of The Dream Creator Mastermind.' Please also write a short introduction in that document, as it will serve as a quick reference guide to help us stay connected through the course.
+ If you are yet to complete your Intention Setting Workbook, please also focus on working through that before our first Masterclass on Monday 4th February 2019.
+ Please also visit the Program Overview page as it includes the schedule for all of the upcoming Masterclasses and Coaching Calls. Please enter these dates into your calendar, and where possible, keep time free to attend them live.


If you would like some additional support to stay on track with your goals and intentions through the Mastermind, I have created a Monthly Planning Workbook for you to use.

This short workbook is designed to be use at the beginning of each month to clarify what you want to focus on, achieve and create through the month.

Then, at the end of each month, you can return to the workbook and complete the end of month review questions, which will allow you to reflect over the month, celebrate your successes and check back in on your goals.

Once you have completed your workbook at the beginning of the month, please come into our Facebook Community and share a short Intention Video for the month ahead.

You can share a brief overview of what you wrote in the workbook, or simply share what you are committed to focusing on, working on and achieving this month so that we can all support you with your dreams.

Note: As you have already all done your Introduction video, you will not need to do another one for February. We will begin with the monthly Intention Videos in March.

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