Fran Verbeek

I took a lot from my session with Connie, and it brought me back to the feeling of why I was in my business in the first place. Our session helped me re-focus on my work as my creative and spiritual offering rather than as just a business, which took the pressure off.

I began focusing on only creating the products that I really loved and that resonated with me, instead of following money, outside suggestions and approval.

I also wasn’t expecting so much emotion to come up, it really surprised me! Connie niggled that one out nicely.

In reflection, I got so much more value out of the session than I thought I would. I had intended to find a life coach to help me refocus on a physical level, but what I received was a healing and spiritual shift initiated by one highly intuitive, lovely lady.

Connie created a really gentle, safe & loving space, which made me feel comfortable to open up. It was so perfect and what my soul craved.