Video Classes

Tips & guidelines for working through the Video Classes:

+ You will have 2 weeks to work through the Video Class and Workbook before the next class is released.
+ I suggest watching the Video Class before working through the Workbook questions.
+ All of the Workbooks are editable PDF documents that you can type directly into. Just download the Workbook to your computer before typing to ensure all your changes save.
+ If you hit resistance or draw a blank with questions, you can leave them and come back to them later. Or, you may need to practise shifting out of your head and into your heart, so you can write from a deeper space.
+ You do not have to answer all of the questions in the Workbook if you do not want to. You are welcome to leave some if they do not resonate, or if you simply cannot answer them.
+ If you identify areas that you feel stuck in or that you need further support with, bring these to our Group Coaching Calls so that we can discuss them further, and I can offer you coaching guidance, tools and support.

Class One: Anchoring into yourself & your body

Class Two: Whole-heartedly loving who you are

Class Three: Embodying your feminine & balancing your masculine

Class Four: Owning & reclaiming your divine power

Class Five: Raising your worth & receiving more

Class Six: Amplifying your energy & becoming magnetic

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