Welcome to this 3 month Group Coaching journey which will support you to strengthen your relationship with yourself, step into your divine power and embody more of your magnetic feminine essence.

Making this commitment to step onto this journey is a powerful declaration to the Universe that you are ready to create some beautiful and powerful inner shifts, so well done! I look forward to supporting you through this journey.

Starting Steps:

+ Please watch the video above. It is also available to view in our Facebook Community.
+ In this video, I ask each of you to record a short video to introduce yourself to the group. You can make your video has in depth, or short and simple as you like. This is just an opportunity to introduce yourself to the other women in the group, share with us why you joined the program and what you would most love to gain from this experience. Just record a video on your phone and upload it into our Facebook Community.
+ If you are yet to complete your Pre-Program Workbook, continue working through that at your own pace.
+ Your first week of content will be released on Monday 18th March, so keep an eye out on your inbox for further details about that.

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