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Coaching Calls:

Tips & guidelines for the Group Coaching Sessions:
+ Once a month, we will all come together for a live Group Coaching Call.
+ You will be able to log on via Zoom with your video and audio to chat and interact with me and your other Dream Creator Mastermind members.
+ To prepare for the call, reflect on what you are most needing support with at this time, and what areas you would love some coaching guidance or tools on so that you can move forward.
+ On the call, each member will have an opportunity to firstly share any successes, wins and achievements from the past month, and then also share the areas they need help with.
+ I will also ask you to share if there are any particular steps you want to take over the next month that you would like to be held accountable too. If so, I will write them down and check in with you about them on the next call.
+ If you are unable to attend a call at the live time, you are welcome to email through to me any questions you have, or any areas you want support with, and I will still make time on the call to talk about that for you.
+ All of the sessions are recorded, so if you miss a session you can catch up on the replay.
+ If you want to know the dates and times for all of the Coaching Calls, please check the Course Schedule page.

Group Coaching Session One

Group Coaching Session Two

Group Coaching Session Three

Group Coaching Session Four

Group Coaching Session Five

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