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Tips For Working Through Your Daily Journaling Activities:

+ Write the question in your journal at the top of the page and read over it a few times. Sit with the question and take a few deep breaths, and begin to notice what arises in you.
+ As soon as you hear the words forming in your mind, put pen to paper and start writing. I suggest writing as much as you can, without stopping to re-read. 
+ If you reach a point where you think you have written all you can, see if you can write some more. Simply pause, take a few deep breaths, re-read the question and see if anything else flows.
+ Allow this to be a creative writing experience, where you are free to express and explore the prompts in any way you want. Try to not overthink it, or aim to get it right or perfect, as that will block your expression. 
+ If nothing comes to mind in response to a question, simply start writing and allow the clarity to come as you write. Sometimes when your hand starts moving, it supports the words to flow.
+ If at any stage you feel really stuck, you can leave a prompt and revisit it later.

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The 21 Daily Prompts:

She Is Magnetic _ 21 Prompts

Additional notes for your Day One activity:

2020 has been full of the unknown and the unexpected. Reflect over what you remember deciding was going to be your theme for 2020 at the start of the year. Did it change as the year unfolded?

Look back over 2020 and see if you can identify what the theme has really been for you. Reflect on the feelings or emotions you have experienced a lot through the year. Think about the common thread that has run through many of your experiences, learnings or lessons.

Some examples of themes might be: Surrender, Inner Transformation, Trust, Expansion, Completion, New Beginnings, Transformation, Pleasure, Abundance, Flow, Freedom, Expression, Feminine Energy, Self-Care, Balance, Transition, Courage, Love, etc.


Additional notes for your Day Two activity:

After a challenging year like this, it is easy to focus on everything that was difficult, negative or didn’t go how we wanted. But despite all that has unfolded, your year has most likely also been filled with many beautiful, positive and magical experiences.

In your journal today, reflect over some of your key blessings from 2020. Think about some of your highlights from this year, things you manifested or wonderful things you experienced. Look for what has felt positive and pleasurable. You may even look for the hidden blessings or gifts that came from your challenges this year.

It is so important to wrap up the year in a grateful, positive space so we don’t carry negative energy forward into the new year.


Additional notes for your Day Three activity:

2020 has been a profound year of transformation for many of us. In a year like this, we may not come to the end of the year feeling that we have achieved everything we wanted, but we will definitely be able to see that we have changed and grown within ourselves.

Reflect in your journal today about some of the key things 2020 has taught you about yourself, and what some of your key learnings from this year have been. How are you different from the person you were when you entered this year?

The inner growth we experience is just as valuable as the external results we create, so take time today to celebrate and acknowledge your growth this year.

She Is Magnetic _ 21 Prompts

Additional notes for your Day Four activity:

As you have moved through 2020 and grown and changed, you may now be feeling ready to leave some parts of yourself or your life behind. Perhaps these parts of yourself and your life cannot take you to where you want to go and are currently holding you back.

In your journal today, write a list of everything you feel ready to let go of. It could be a habit that no longer serves you, old belief systems, unsupportive self-talk, or ways that you have been doing things for a long time. It could be a relationship, a work situation or a living arrangement.

You will most likely know in yourself what you want to release as it will feel heavy, old and like it weighs you down and holds you back. Write it down and declare it today.

She Is Magnetic _ 21 Prompts

Additional notes for your Day Five activity:

Take some time to tune into what you desire for the year 2021 and decide on what you would like your theme for next year to be. How you would love the year to feel or how you would love to feel as you move through the year?

Explore what living guided by this theme or feeling word in 2021 will look like. What does this word or theme mean to you? How would you be living your life if you were being guided by this theme?

If you are having trouble finding one, go back to the additional notes from the Day 1 activity as there are some theme suggestions there.

She Is Magnetic _ 21 Prompts

Additional notes for your Day Six activity:

With this activity, tune into yourself and feel what you would most love to practise in 2021 so you can feel loved and supported. Nothing about self-care or self-love should feel heavy, like an obligation or a 'should', so whatever you bring in, make sure it feels really nourishing and enjoyable to you. 

Here are some things to think about: Is there a new way of moving your body you want to practise in 2020? Do you want to create a morning routine? Are there any areas of your health you want to work on such as your flexibility, your digestion, stress or hormones? Do you want to learn to say No, have better boundaries and make more time for yourself? Do you want to book in regular treatments such as massages, facials, spa days, manicures or hair appointments? Do you want to explore working with a new practitioner such as a kinesiologist, a naturopath, a chiropractor or try something like pilates, hot yoga or pole dancing? Do you want to dedicate more time to your at-home self-care practices like baths, cooking, stretching, journaling, meditation or body massage? Do you want to learn more about self-love and work with a life coach, read books or take courses?


Additional notes for your Day Seven activity:

Reflect today on what aspects of your feminine energy you would love to embody more deeply. Some examples may be: Softness, Openness, Receptivity, Sensuality, Vulnerability, Play, Flow, Ease, Empowerment, Radiance, Love, Light, Surrender, Pleasure, Emotion, Nurturing, Connection, Intuition, Compassion, Affection, Desire.

Pick a few qualities that resonate with you the most and write them in your journal. Then, describe what embodying these qualities means to you. How would you like to embody and express these qualities? Once you finish journaling, you may even like to pick one of the qualities to begin working with, embodying and practising now as you move through your day.

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