Alicia Niven

After 4 years of putting my children first and foremost in every way, I was worn out and needing some time out.

Now, as a result of working with Connie so much has changed and I am learning to put myself first. I feel a real confidence within myself, clarity of what my desires are and I feel empowered to actually make changes in my life.

While coaching with Connie I signed myself up for Life Coaching Certification Course which was a huge step, I had some amazing manifestations including a lot of money, a new computer and clarity as to where we were going to build and finalised plans for our dream house.

Connie creates the most amazing and comfortable space. I felt so supported and open to diving deep into some very intense feelings. She intuitively knew how I was feeling and a lot of the time knew what to say at the right time.

Connie made me realise answers within but I simple needed her to hold the space for me and be guided to it.

Thank you so much for our time together Connie, you really are a wise and powerful life coach and I love everything about working with you.