Transform Your Relationships By Reclaiming Your Feminine Energy (AR #142)

The biggest area that I see transform for women when they begin doing their feminine healing & embodiment work is their RELATIONSHIPS.

It is through reconnecting with your feminine energy that you can begin to attract healthy, loving partnerships, heal old relationship patterns, get your needs truly met, feel deeply held, seen and heard and show up from a space of wholeness, self-love, power and magnetism.

If you are ready to create more fulfilling and thriving relationships this episode is for you!

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹How I called in my current partner after 6 years of being single
🌹How to deepen and heal your relationship with yourself
🌹Why feminine embodiment work makes you magnetic and irresistible
🌹How to shift out of being needy and desperate for love
🌹How to break old relationship cycles and stop creating the same patterns
🌹Healing the sisterhood wound with other women
🌹Overcoming feelings of abandonment, rejection and unworthiness
🌹Why all our relationships are mirrors
🌹Releasing our self-protective masculine armour
🌹How to create more polarity in your relationships
🌹The importance of sharing your heart and true emotions
🌹Resolving anxious and avoidant attachment patterns
🌹Healing co-dependent family dynamics
🌹The patterns that are blocking you getting your needs met
🌹How to truly receive what you want in a relationship

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