Would you love some personalised guidance and 1:1 support to release what is holding you back, find clarity on what your heart truly desires and feel a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance?

Have you been;

  • Reading books and blogs, and listening to all the podcasts, but you're still going round in circles unable to create any true, lasting change?

  • Struggling to see your own blind spots, break through old beliefs and get to the root cause of the patterns that keep sabotaging your life?

  • Implementing all the new habits - the morning routine, the gym, the journaling practise - only to find that within few days it has all fallen to the side again?

  • Feeling alone and unsupported on your journey, with no one to share it with and surrounded by people who don't understand you?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these, don't worry you're not alone!

These are the common struggles I hear from people when they come to my coaching program. But the good news is that no matter where you are, and what is challenging you, it can all be changed.

I will work with you closely to help you uncover and release everything that is blocking you from being the brightest and happiest version of yourself.

Together we will unravel the habits and ways of thinking that keep you small and stuck. We will get you moving forward on a path that lights you up, and all of those dreams you have been holding within your heart will start to become a reality.


+ Healing and releasing the fears, stories and limiting beliefs that have been blocking you.

+ Finding clarity in those areas of your life where you feel overwhelmed, confused and stuck.

+ Creating authentic, lasting happiness - not the kind that you search, seek and strive for - but that feeling of wholeness, joy and contentment that comes from within.

+ Building a loving and empowering relationship with yourself by shifting your self-talk, embracing your body, and creating a tool-kit of self-love practices.

+ Creating self-care routines and rituals that feel grounding, supportive and nourishing, and fill you up from within.

+ Awakening your inner guidance system and tapping into your intuition so it can guide your actions, decisions and goals.

+ Opening up your heart energy so you can experience more unconditional love, acceptance, appreciation, joy, play and expansion.

+ Healing the root cause of your self-sabotage, procrastination and resistance patterns.

+ Slowing down and living with more presence, ease, grace and mindfulness.

+ Releasing pains and wounds from your childhood or past experiences in relationships that are keeping you small and stuck.

+ Embodying your authentic self by truly getting to know who you are, what you love and value and what lights you up.

+ Implementing manifestation and conscious creation practises to intentionally design a life you love.

+ Practising surrender, letting go and forgiveness to release old patterns of control, resentment and attachment that are weighing you down.

+ Taking inspired actions steps that will start getting you moving forward in living out your highest vision.

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You will have your own personal cheerleader, guide, mentor and coach.

You will be lovingly held to face, heal and heal things you have been running from and avoiding. You will be guided to drop deeper into your heart and listen to the precious wisdom it has to share. You will be supported to own what you desire and show up fully for it.

All the confusion and overwhelm will fall away as each session you will be able to work through, talk out and resolve any challenge, block, struggle or decision.

You will gain the tools, resources, practices and guidance to create instant shifts around issues that you have been struggling with for years. And you will feel empowered to know what to do when these issues arise in the future.

You will have someone by your side, cheering you on, guiding you, supporting you, believing in you and encouraging you.

With this type of support, anything is possible.

If you know that now is your time to make change, to create a life you love and to release all the old patterns weighing you down, then 1:1 coaching will give you the support you need.


I hold a Certificate IV in Life Coaching, and I completed my 12 month training with The Coaching Institute in 2012.

Since then, I have spent the past 6 years guiding women and men from all over the world, through the powerful journey of self-transformation.

Known for my intuitive yet practical approach, I blend together a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance and personalised mentoring to create lasting change from the inside-out.

I have coached over 2000 hours of 1:1 sessions and mentored hundreds of clients through my online courses & programs.

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+ A Pre-Program Workbook & Intention Setting Journal
This workbook will guide you through questions and activities to help you get clarity on what you want to experience in our coaching. You will send this to me prior to our first session and it will form the basis of our work together.

+ An Initial 60 minute Intention Setting Session
We will come together for a powerful intention setting session to review your workbook and map out our key areas of focus for the months ahead.

+ 8 x 60 minute Transformative Coaching Sessions
Every 2 weeks, you and I will come together for our 1:1 coaching sessions. We will meet for 8 x 60 minute transformative sessions to dive deep and create powerful shifts.

+ 1 x 60 minute Follow Up Session
Use your follow up session within 3 months of finishing the program to check back in and receive support.

+ The Turn Inwards Journaling Guide
This 90 page practical guidebook will help you begin and/or deepen your journaling practice. It includes starting steps, tips, prompts and guidelines plus 10 powerful journaling processes to help you use your journal to dig deeper and practise transformative inner work.

+ Unlimited Email Support
You will have email access to me where you can get ask questions and get support on anything you encounter between sessions.


If you would like to express your interest in working with me and be added to the waitlist, please complete this Expression Of Interest Form and I will be in touch with you soon!

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When I was 27, I reached a rock-bottom breaking point.

I had been immersing myself in personal growth work for 8 years and I was still totally stuck.

Despite reading every book I could find, attending Buddhist retreats, walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins and using every tool I could find, I was still living ruled by fear and limitation.

Everything changed for me one day when I found the website of a Life Coach. I intuitively knew this was exactly what I needed.

Within a few short months of working with my Coach, I experienced more radical changes and shifts within myself and my life that I had in years of trying to do it all alone!


My coach guided me deep into my heart to uncover my true desires and passions. She helped me uncover and break through fears that and been ruling me for years. She showed me brand new ways of thinking and approaching everything in my life.

She lovingly pushed me, supported me and guided me into my potential. She took me to the places that I couldn't go alone.

Within 6 months my whole life had completely changed! 

I was blown away by the acceleration that I experienced as a result of the willingness to receive support. 

This experience was the catalyst for me discovering my own desire to be a coach, and within a year I began my training to become certified.

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You don't have to walk this journey alone, or try to figure it all out yourself. Coaching will fast-track your progress and give you a rapid shortcut so you can get to the core of the issue once and for all.

This is a personalised program that is tailored to you and your needs. I am here to support you with whatever your heart wants to create, change or shift.

You may want to focus on healing your relationship with yourself and creating deeper self-love, developing a connection with your higher self, your intuition and implementing spiritual and self-care rituals, or perhaps you are dreaming of setting up a heart-driven business sharing your creations, ideas, gifts and talents with the world.

Maybe you are ready to stop living life for others, ignoring your passions and dreams and being held back by the fear of what others will think. You most likely want to feel whole, happy and confident and empowered to live a life on your terms. 

We will cover all of that, and more!



Where do I even begin! Connie, is a life changer. And I don’t say that as a throw-away comment; since I’ve started working with Connie, my life has literally changed!

I have taken my relationship with myself to a whole new level, and I started my own business. My day-to-day life seems to flow with so much more ease, and I am calmer, more centred, I have a more positive, compassionate and loving outlook on life. I wouldn’t be in this position without Connie and I am so full of gratitude to be able to gain the benefit of her wisdom, intuition, love and insight." - Laura Banks


I was blown away at how beautifully Connie guided me to get to the core of what I wanted to work on, even when I wasn’t really sure myself!I now feel so empowered to run my business and live my life from my heart. I have a clear plan of how to move forward and I have strategies to show up authentically in everything I do and create content from my heart.

I have more love for my body and I renewed my excitement for food and movement. I feel more in tune with my feminine energy and the flow of life. I love Connie’s gentle and intuitive approach and that she incorporates spirituality and energy into her coaching to really look at everything on a deep level so that shifts feel effortless." - Amelia Harvey


Working with Connie has been such a soulful, heart centric experience… so incredibly deep. The space she created for me to be honest and vulnerable and to go deep within my core was such a powerful (tear-filled) experience. 

Connie taught me how to transform my entire way of being. I now feel a sense of calmness and contentment with my life. I feel gratitude. I am present and grounded. I’ve acted on dreams and desires I’ve had, that previously I would talk myself out of doing due to fear. I’ve learnt not to be negative or judgmental or too hard of myself. Working with Connie helped me finally accept that I am enough. - Naomi Chambers


Deciding to work with Connie was the start of something really special. I was at a point in my life where I knew something had to change but felt so lost and uncertain. 

My sessions with Connie were soulful and inspiring. Her support and guidance supported me to connect with my heart, find the courage to declare my truth, and commit to living a life that’s in line with my highest purpose. - Miranti Kayess 


As soon as Connie and started working privately together I felt a click in my heart. It was like magic. A fresh start. Each session we had was powerful, and through her work I released old stories, old habits and patterns that had been ruling my life for years.  Through Connie's coaching I have been able to love myself deeply, I look in the mirror and see a woman that's worthy of this passionate life!  

Connie has an amazing way of holding a beautiful, welcoming space for you to fully and safely express yourself as you need and she has a way of helping you align into your joy and live it daily!  I'm deeply grateful for you Connie as I've been able to take off a mask of who I thought everyone wanted me to be and just finally be ME!  This is true freedom. - Kris Britton


Since coaching with Connie I have truly discovered that all of the joy, peace and anything else I am seeking is already within me. I am now learning to follow my feeling and do what I feel moved and called to do. 

I have attracted so much more of what I love, and I am manifesting situations, people and circumstances that align with my true desires. - Amy Reidel


Connie holds such a deep loving space for her clients. Her light and love shines through and its such a joy working with her. I have been able to identify, let go and release so many inner blocks I had in my way of feeling my best. I am a much more kinder, softer and more loving person to myself and others since working with Connie. 

When you are talking with Connie it is as if you are talking with your best friend – she knows when to call you deeper into yourself and when you hold space for you to release and cry out the tears you’ve been holding back for so long. I love everything about working with Connie. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.” - Ellena Ashford


I absolutely adored working with Connie! I was feeling overwhelmed and unsettled in my life, but Connie really helped me open my eyes and shift my perspective so I could find my centre and feel grounded, content and happy with where I was at.

Connie created such a calm and serene space where I felt comfortable enough to relax and express myself. I was amazed by her intuitive nature, as she understood how I was feeling and where I was coming from, sometimes without me even needing to say a word. Working with Connie sparked something within me that left me feeling passionate, confident and inspired again. Thank you so much beautiful Connie, it was such an honour to work with you! - Heidi Brockman


After 4 years of putting my children first and foremost in every way, I was worn out and needing some time out. Now, as a result of working with Connie so much has changed and I am learning to put myself first. I feel a real confidence within myself, clarity of what my desires are and I feel empowered to actually make changes in my life. 

Connie creates the most amazing and comfortable space. I felt so supported and open to diving deep into some very intense feelings. She intuitively knew how I was feeling and a lot of the time knew what to say at the right time. - Alicia Niven


If you would like to express your interest in working with me and be added to the waitlist, please complete this Expression Of Interest Form and I will be in touch with you soon!

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