2023: A Year Of Devotion To The Feminine (AR #129)

I am excited to bring you my very first Awaken Radio episode of 2023! I am calling 2023 my year of devotion to the feminine and in this episode you will learn exactly what that means.

At the end of 2022, I found myself feeling ready to release and complete an old way of being that had been running my life for some time. I knew it was time to break up with the final remnants of my addiction to achievement, overriding my body's needs, pushing and forcing towards outcomes, depleting and burning myself out and operating primarily from wounded masculine energy.

And as I entered this new year, I felt such a clear desire - a desire to devote even deeper to honouring and living guided by my feminine essence.

So in my first podcast episode of the year, I am sharing more with you about what my devotion to the feminine is going to look like. I share the powerful principles that I will be working with this year to support myself to live as a nourished, radiant, embodied, magnetic, abundant, creative woman who is regulated in her nervous system and thriving in every area of her life.

There is so much goodness in this episode! I hope it inspires you to devote more deeply to the needs of your feminine essence this year too.

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