Amelia Harvey

Before I signed up with Connie, I had wanted to work with a coach for a long time, but when I realised I was just waiting for the right time, I made that time NOW and made one of the best decisions of my life and signed up for a chat with Connie.

In each of our sessions, I was blown away at how beautifully Connie guided me to get to the core of what I wanted to work on, even when I wasn’t really sure myself!

I now feel so empowered to run my business and live my life from my heart. I have a clear plan of how to move forward and I have strategies to show up authentically in everything I do and create content from my heart. I have more love for my body and I renewed my excitement for food and movement. I feel more in tune with my feminine energy and the flow of life. 

I love Connie’s sweet, gentle, and intuitive approach and that she incorporates spirituality and energy into her coaching to really look at everything on a deep level so that shifts feel effortless.

Connie is a truly gifted coach and I honestly can’t recommend her enough.

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