Interview: Leading Authentically & The Relief Of Being Real

Aaah the relief of being real. It is like a breath of fresh air. In those moments where we give ourselves permission to drop the mask and release the roles we need to play, we can just be ourselves. Raw, honest and authentic.

I have recently grown so tired of trying to be someone. It is exhausting. True freedom comes from simply allowing ourselves to be ourselves.

We say to others ‘take or leave it’. Some will take it, and some will leave it, and that is ok.

All we really want from each other is truth. Others want your truth, and you want theirs. It is the only way we can truly connect. And the more real we can be with others, the safer they will feel to be real with us in return.

So on that note, I am excited to be sharing a rather real, honest and raw interview with you today.  I don’t always share my interviews on my blog, but this one impacted me in a way others haven’t.


Speaking my truth

I was interviewed on The Brave Exchange podcast by the beautiful Lucy Bourchier who brought her own real, down to earth nature to the table which allowed us both to speak openly and candidly.

As I listened back to the episode I felt an incredible freedom wash over me. And I could hear the freedom in my voice as I spoke.

But I also noticed my judgemental inner chatter spark up… “Gee Connie that was a bit fiery.” and “I think you got a little carried away there” and “Hmm, don’t know if you should have shared all those details” etc..

But at the end of the day, who cares! It is more important to me to be fully self-expressed than it is to be loved and accepted. In that moment those words were my truth and it felt so beautiful to let them flow freely.

Allowing ourselves to express our thoughts and feeling freely is a deep form of self-love and should be practiced at every opportunity.

So if you are ready for a soul-stirring, passionate and honest conversation covering everything from the gritty truth of running a business to the deep and transformative power of inner work, then scroll on down and listen in. 


In this awesome interview I share about;

+ The double life I lead in my 20’s (part time spiritual enthusiast whilst being a full time party goer).
+ How I transformed my life and shifted from the unhappiness, self-hatred, striving and instability of my 20’s, to become a teacher and an authentic embodiment of living a deeply connected, joyful and successful life on my own terms.
+ How to do the “inner work” required for real change (+ an insight into my routine and habits for doing my inner work).
+ How to be an authentic teacher, and the necessity of doing your own work as a teacher, a coach and a leader.
+ Our patterns of fear and the ever-present temptation to retreat rather than grow.
+ 3 tips for re-connecting with your true and your purpose when you’ve hit a slump or are feeling disconnected.
+ How I connects with my authentic self and my voice. (+ an insight into my struggle to find my authentic self)
+ How to tell if you are shutting down your truth. And how Lucy and I have done and continue to do the same.


Listen to the Episode:


Or Click here to download the Mp3 Audio


Can you relate to my experiences from this interview? Have you ever got caught up in external striving, or struggled to pursue your dreams due to fear and self-doubt? Come and share your own experiences with me in the comments.

With love,

Connie x

9 thoughts on “Interview: Leading Authentically & The Relief Of Being Real”

  1. This was a powerful podcast to listen to Connie! Good on you for expressing your truth, you must feel so elated & light having done so!

      1. I’m at a cross-road, difficult to make decisions that matter to me because I can’t stop worrying about whether it’s smart to take an academic/ medical break and do what I love ….which is fashion….my heart knows what to do but my mind is pulling me away so I can finish my speciality in 3years and I want to know i can stop mymind from making my life stagnant ?

  2. I LOVED this interview of yours, Connie! I hope you post more of your interviews on your blog because you are incredibly inspiring. I loved your rawness and honesty and it was so refreshing to listen to. Most of us go through similar periods, perhaps on a different level and the specifics different, but it is soooo soothing to hear someone address it and not just talk about all the wonderful stuff only. I felt freedom in listening to you feel freedom in expressing yourself 🙂

    Lots of Love,

    1. Hi Priyanka, I am loving doing interviews so I will definitely share more of them as they arise! The more I am involved in this work, the more I am seeing the need for authenticity. There is so much power in being real and honest about what challenges us, as this is the only way to be a true guide and light worker for others. Thank you for your support xx

  3. I loved this interview Connie! It was definitely one of my all time faves! Can’t wait for the next round of 90DTP 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you Lisa. I think we constantly needing to be shining light on the ‘bull’, especially in ourselves, as our ego can be very sneaky and get in the way without us even knowing. So glad you enjoyed the episode xx

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