Ellena Ashford

Wow, I don’t know where to begin to describe the changes I have experienced since working with Connie. I feel like I dropped deeper into a loving connection with my true self.

I have been able to identify, let go and release so many inner blocks I had in my way of feeling my best. I am a much more kinder, softer and more loving person to myself and others since working with Connie. 

With working with Connie, my relationship has benefited dramatically. I was able to turn inwards, take responsibility for who I was showing up as in all areas of my life. My boyfriend was very grateful that I was working with Connie – he definitely noticed dramatic changes in my behaviour and a deeper connection in our relationship. 

Connie holds such a deep loving space for her clients. Her light and love shines through and its such a joy working with her. When you are talking with Connie it is as if you are talking with your best friend – she knows when to call you deeper into yourself and when you hold space for you to release and cry out the tears you’ve been holding back for so long.

That is the thing about working with Connie – you clear out the fear and make room for the love to rule your world. 

I love everything about working with Connie. It is one of the best investments I have ever made.