8 Feminine Embodiment Practices That Will Change Your Life (AR #140)

Working with feminine embodiment practices changed my life, and they hold the power to change yours too.

These practices will support you to heal your relationship with your body, awaken your feminine energy, deepen your self-love and confidence, nourish yourself and awaken your magnetism.

In this episode, I share why feminine embodiment work is so powerful for women and I walk you through my top 8 feminine practices that you can begin practising and working with.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹Why I believe feminine embodiment work is necessary for the modern day woman
🌹How to create a magnetic energy
🌹Why mindset work isn’t enough to create deep embodied changed
🌹The power of a feminine morning practice
🌹How to use emotional alchemy to process and release emotional energy
🌹Using embodied movement and dance to awaken your feminine
🌹Why inner child work is my go-to practice for healing deep wounds
🌹The power of mirror work for self-love, self-confidence and self-connection
🌹Why our womb is a portal into our power, creativity and dark feminine energy
🌹Using breast massage to open and soften your heart
🌹Living in alignment with the 4 seasons of your menstrual cycle
🌹Why feminine embodiment heals your relationship with your body

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