How To Stop Overachieving & Find True Self-Worth (AR #138)

When we are caught in a pattern of overachieving it can cause our self-worth to become tied to how much we do and achieve.

We will feel that we have to keep giving, doing, working and achieving in order to feel good enough.

In today’s episode, I am offering you 5 steps to heal from overachieving so you can allow yourself to slow down, come back to your feminine and feel true self-worth from within.⁣

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹Why my reel for high-achieving women went VIRAL
🌹How overachieving depletes a woman’s pleasure, joy and nourishment
🌹Why being in your feminine is NOT about doing nothing
🌹How I unraveled from chronic work addiction
🌹The root cause of our patterns of over-achieving and high-achieving
🌹How my relationship with my Dad created my achievement addiction
🌹Why the ‘not good enough’ wound drives overachieving
🌹How to stay connected to your feminine while you’re doing
🌹How to find your worth in who you are, not what you achieve
🌹The importance of practising deep and unconditional self-love
🌹Why overachievers need to practice self-acknowledgement

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