Heal Your Masculine Energy So You Can Thrive In Your Feminine (AR #137)

The key to thriving in your feminine energy is having healthy inner masculine energy.

Healthy inner masculine energy allows your inner feminine to feel safe, grounded and protected. It supports your feminine to get her needs met, set boundaries, achieve her dreams and create rituals, habits and structures that nourish her.

In this episode, I talk you through how to heal your inner masculine energy and your wounds around the masculine so you can shift out of hustle, burnout, exhaustion and control and feel more supported, safe, relaxed and held.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹Why feminine embodiment is not about rejecting your masculine energy
🌹Why we tend to over-function in our masculine as women and how it depletes us
🌹The qualities of masculine and feminine energy
🌹Key indicators that your are stuck in wounded or unhealthy masculine energy
🌹The masculine shield women build to compensate for a lack of masculine energy in childhood
🌹How your relationship with your father impacts your inner masculine energy
🌹Healing the father wound
🌹3 steps for healing your inner masculine energy
🌹How to begin operating from healthy masculine energy
🌹Creating a healthy inner union between your masculine and feminine

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