Heal From Good Girl Conditioning & People-Pleasing (AR #149)

Many women find themselves trapped in ‘good girl conditioning’ which leaves them people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, playing small and feeling held back in their expression.

For a woman to step into her healthy, mature divine feminine energy, become fully expressed and embody your full power, her inner good girl will need to die.

In this episode, I talk you through how to unravel from good-girl conditioning, heal from people-pleasing at a root cause level and start showing up in new and empowered ways.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹What good girl conditioning is and where it comes from
🌹Examples of wounded feminine and masculine energies
🌹Why guilt and fear are signs your inner good girl is playing out
🌹Signs that you’re stuck in good girl conditioning
🌹My personal journey of healing my inner good girl and how I broke free
🌹The key tools and practices that helped me find my true, authentic self
🌹What people-pleasing is and why we do it
🌹People-pleasing is a fawning, trauma response
🌹Working through the fear of no longer pleasing others
🌹The keys to healing good girl conditioning & people-pleasing at a root cause level
🌹How to take new empowered actions guided by your divine feminine

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