How To Slow Down & Live Guided By Your Body And Feminine Energy (AR #148)

So many women these days are feeling depleted, exhausted and burned out, because they are stuck in patterns of rushing, pushing, forcing and overriding the true pace and capacity of their body.

It is not until a woman can learn how to slow down and listen to her body that she can truly drop into her feminine and feel nourished and regulated.

This episode will give you practical starting points to reconnect with your body wisdom and feminine energy so you can start to move through life at your true pace.

In This Episode I Cover:

๐ŸŒน Why slowing down is a necessity for women
๐ŸŒน What it looks like to move at your bodyโ€™s true pace
๐ŸŒน Why so many women are rushing, pushing, forcing and burning themselves out
๐ŸŒน The unresolved trauma that we are holding in our bodies
๐ŸŒน Why slowing down is necessary to heal and regulate our nervous system
๐ŸŒน How to break the cycle of overwhelm
๐ŸŒนThe common fears that stop women slowing down
๐ŸŒน The key places and ways that women override their bodies
๐ŸŒน Simple starting steps to help you slow down and be more body-led
๐ŸŒน The importance of embodiment work for women
๐ŸŒน Why nourishing your body makes your energy magnetic

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