Release Your Masculine Shield & Unguard Your Feminine Heart (AR #147)

Many women come to my work feeling that they are ‘too in their masculine’

However, the truth is that these women aren’t masculine, they are actually deeply feminine at their core. Yet they have built an outer exterior of masculine energy (their masculine shield) which is blocking them from accessing their feminine.

In this episode, you will learn what the masculine shield is, how to know you are operating from it and nourishing starting steps to release your patterns of self-protection, ungard your heart and reconnect with your feminine energy.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹The number one thing that disconnects you from your feminine energy
🌹Understanding your masculine shield and armour
🌹Why you may not feel safe to be in your feminine as a woman
🌹How to begin releasing your layers of self-protection
🌹Shifting from masculine guarding to feminine opening
🌹Ways that you mask your true feminine feelings
🌹Signs and indicators that you’re operating from your masculine shield
🌹How to reconnect with your tender feminine heart
🌹Finding true safety inside your own body
🌹Learning how to feel your emotions rather than shielding them
🌹Revealing the truth of your heart

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