Stop Glorifying Consistency & Embrace Your Feminine Cycles (AR #146)

Feminine energy is cyclical, yet so many women are trying to force themselves to show up in a linear and consistent way.

This pursuit of consistency leaves a woman needing to step into her masculine energy and override her body and feminine to get results.

In this episode, you will learn how to stop glorifying consistency, embrace your cyclical nature, trust and follow your body and show up for what is important to you from your feminine energy.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹 Why we glorify consistency and masculine energy
🌹 The different hormone cycles of men and women
🌹 How aiming for consistency sets women up to fail
🌹 Letting your body be your oracle and your guide
🌹 Why women lack trust in their body and feminine energy
🌹 Understanding the 4 seasons of your menstrual cycle
🌹 Designing your self-care, work and exercise around your cycle
🌹 How nourishing your feminine will support consistent action
🌹 Why you experience procrastination, avoidance and resistance
🌹 How to practice consistency, the feminine way
🌹 How I design my habits, routines and workday from my feminine
🌹 Working with a 28 day cycle of creation
🌹 The importance of practising self-compassion
🌹 Embracing the seasons and cycles of your life

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