How to Overcome The Fear Of Being Judged By Others (AR #145)

One thing that keeps women playing small, hiding and holding back their full expression is fearing the judgement of others.

This fear keeps women trapped in their wounded feminine energy, lacking confidence and struggling to be their authentic selves.

In this episode, you will learn 4 powerful steps for overcoming the fear of others judgment so you can stop worrying what people think and start feeling safe to be fully yourself.

In This Episode I Cover:

🌹 Fearing judgment is an expression of the wounded feminine
🌹 Moving from smallness to full self-expression
🌹 The ways that you are living from good girl conditioning
🌹 Healing the judgments you hold against yourself
🌹 Why you are afraid of being visible and seen
🌹 Working through the fear of not being loved or good enough
🌹 Giving the love to your inner child that she never received
🌹 What it truly means to love yourself
🌹 Developing kind, gentle, supportive self-talk
🌹 Owning and embodying your true, authentic self
🌹 Learning to hold the sensation of not being liked

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