Kirstin Bernau

I hired Connie when I was in the process of starting a new coaching business. I was struggling to move forward- not sure what action to take and feeling unsure about what I was offering. I also doubted whether anyone would really hire me.

Connie took me through exercises to get more clarity from within, and I began to gain confidence and clarity around what it was I was offering and what action to take.  She also helped me to address the big underlying issue- self love.  

Since I started with Connie, I’ve got new clients and increased my income, but I’ve also started to feel this feeling of guidance and confidence from within.  I’m realising that the energy behind the action is just as important as the action itself.

I am so grateful to Connie for helping me get started doing work that I love- it really is a dream come true. Connie is such a shining example and a great teacher of how to live a life and run a business that is guided by your soul.

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