Experiencing Road Blocks And A Lack Of Flow?

Have you ever had an outcome in mind of something you wanted, and you tried everything to get it happening including taking every action under the sun and throwing everything you have at it, yet you could not seem to make any progress?

Or, have you ever had a delicious creative idea bubble forth in your mind, and so you rush eagerly to your notepad or computer to start creating it, yet to matter how hard you try you cannot seem to get it to look like the image in your mind?

Or, have you ever experienced road blocks, dead ends, shut downs, doors being slammed in your face, rejections and no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work?

Well, in the process of creating this new website conniechapman.com, I experienced all of that and more! I had initially intended for the site to be ready by December 2012, but the launch ended up being delayed until February 2013.


Is The Universe Trying To Tell You Something?

For the later part of 2012, I spent many days ‘trying’ to organise all aspects of this site. I was furiously contacting web developer’s, tossing ideas back and forth with my designer, working ‘hard’ to come up with creative concepts and basically doing whatever I could to make it happen.

After months and months of trying, I started to think that maybe there was something I was missing.

Maybe the Universe was trying to tell me something.

It took several Universal hits over the head before I finally got the message. I am a Taurean so I will admit I have a tendency to be strong minded, stubborn, and at time a bit inflexible. So, yes in this case it took me a little while to pick up on what the Universe was putting down.

But one day, I had a light bulb moment

I was trying to so hard to make things to ‘my way’ , go according to ‘my plan’ and look the way that ‘I wanted’ that I completely lost sight of the fact that my inner guidance was calling me in a completely different direction. 

And so, late last year I decided enough was enough. I simply decided to stop.

I stopped trying. I stopped forcing. I stopped trying to figure it all out. I stopped pushing.

I paused the design process. I stopped contacting web designers. I stopped trying to squeeze out creative ideas. And I stopped looking to other websites for inspiration. In fact, I stopped focusing on the development of my website altogether.


When You Let Go, Things Start To Flow

So, for most of December I decided to simply surrender.

I realised that my way was not working and I became willing to see another way. I decided to turn my attention inwards. To listen. To find my inspiration inside of me. To hear my inner guidance. To tune in to the divine plan.

While nothing dramatic happened instantly, the one thing I did notice was that I began to feel better. And one of the key aspects of getting in to flow, is to release whatever is blocking you from feeling good.

And so, that is what I did. I let go, and I felt good. And then in the final week of December something magical happened. Everything suddenly began to move again.

Ideas came together. Inspiration bubbled forth. Clarity rose to the surface. Actions produced brilliant results. Cooperative relationships evolved. Things started flowing. I started making progress. Effortlessly and joyfully. 

And as a result, a deliciously beautiful website, and oh so juicy ebook were born. And all of it has been created with total and utter flow.


5 Steps To Finding Flow

So, if you are experiencing any aspects of what I mentioned above, here is your 5 step prescription for getting back in the flow.

1. Stop doing

2. Sit down

3. Be quiet

4. Let go

5. Listen

And that is all.

It really is so simple. And the minute you start doing this, I promise you that everything will begin to flow again.

Do you ever try to force things to go your way? How do you bring yourself back to flow. I would love to hear your thoughts below.

With love,

Connie x