Why I Simplified My Morning Routine

It was back in 2011 that I really started focusing on creating a morning routine. At that stage in my life I was working full time, completing training to become a life coach, and running a part-time coaching practice in my spare time. Life was hectic.

I was completely out of balance. I woke up, I went to work. I came home from work, and I worked some more.

And then I went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning I did it all over again.


The Beginnings Of A Morning Routine

I often felt too exhausted in the evenings to do anything nourishing for myself, so I decided the only way it was going to happen was if I started waking up earlier. I wanted to create a routine in the morning that would support me and would enable me to spend some time doing the things that filled me up.

And so it began. I would set my alarm for 5am each day and wake up bleary eyed and confused. Initially not much happened in those early morning hours. I would sip on tea to try to keep myself awake, do some reading, listen to something inspiring on my ipod and generally just potter around. But as I got in to the routine of being awake before the sun rose, my routine started to take shape.

Over the past few years I have tweaked, changed and modified my morning routine. But generally it always involves the following key components

Waking up at 5am

Putting something alkalising in body first thing in the morning (our bodies go in to an acid state overnight) such as warm water with a squeeze of lemon or a fresh pressed veggie juice or a green smoothie.


Some form of exercise which varied from yoga, to running outdoors, to taking a gym class or doing a mini weight and strength training program at home.

Preparing my food for the day (when I was still working in my day job) so that I could ensure I would eat wholesome and healthy food all day

This morning routine was what allowed me to survive this crazy time of my life. I was able to take time out each morning for me. It was my quiet time. My time to connect. My time to do those things that made me feel great. It felt self-indulgent but in a really beautiful way. I loved it.

The key thing that I want to emphasise is that your morning routine can change, as you change. Sometimes you will need different things to support you, and so it is beautiful to allow your routine to grow and evolve as you do.


The Shift

So, the shift I recently made in the morning routine was this – I dropped it down to 2 simple practices. That is it.

I ‘thought’ my morning routine was nourishing me, but recently I had noticed it was actually stressing me out. By the time it had hit 8am I already felt like I had a run a marathon. I was trying to squeeze waaaay too much in to this precious morning time.

So, I have totally slowed down and minimalised my routine. No more rushing out of bed at 5.15am, jumping in the shower, running at to the gym, running home from the gym, jumping to the shower, making a juice etc.. (you get the picture)


Instead, I Now Have 2 Simple Practices

1) Make a fresh-pressed vegetable juice

2) Sit and meditate

Some mornings my mind is all ‘rattly’ and I find it hard to sit and meditate. So, on those days I will just light a candle, roll out my yoga mat, lay on my back and breathe deeply. Even if I do not meditate ‘properly’ this practice still leaves me feeling incredibly grounded, calm and at ease about the day ahead.

And now my daily exercise has been bumped to the afternoons and I am actually really enjoying my 4pm gym sesh or run in the park. It is a great way to release tension after a long day at work, and move my body after sitting at my desk all day.


What is your morning routine? Does it feel nourishing, or does it ever feel rushed? I would love to hear in the comments below what works for you, and if you too feel that it may need some tweaking!

With love,

Connie x

10 thoughts on “Why I Simplified My Morning Routine”

  1. i LOVE this post! i’m currently working full-time as a lawyer, commuting two hours a day, and studying my masters (part-time, if that’s such a thing!). lately, feeling completely wiped out and devoid of anytime for exercise, my relationship or just downtime, i have been seriously considering re-vamping my days/hours so that i can get in some self-nourishment.

    so thanks!

    1. Wow Emma you have a lot on your plate! If you are at the stage where all of your commitments are compromising the quality of your relationships and your self-care then it is definitely time for a re-vamp! I hope what I shared in this post will be useful to support you in doing that x

  2. Wow Connie!! Your day seems so loooong!!!
    I think I should plan a morning routine as well, I get lost so easily with all the things I have to do for my three part time jobs that even going to my yoga studio becomes stressfull (It takes 30minutes by car *.* ). I feel this urgency to slow down and find a centre, some time only for myself and the things I love!
    thanks a lot, you are as inspiring as usual!

    1. Hi Daniela, my day may sound long, but it does not feel that way. I guess I like waking up at 5.15am I enjoy that precious morning time. Plus I love getting a few more hours in the day.

      Your morning routine should not be stressful though and it should not feel like another thing you have to do. Maybe just start by waking up 15 minutes earlier and taking that time to have a cup of tea and read a book. Just start small and then you can build it up over time.

      I also love doing yoga at home in the mornings. Try websites like yogago or yogadownload for classes!! x

  3. A beautiful post Connie! I am always intrigued by other peoples morning routines, and love that you have shifted yours to listen to, and honour your inner guide. It’s funny that we so often get caught up in what we ‘should do’ even if those ‘shoulds’ are nourishing us, instead of truly listening to what our body needs. I am such a huge advocate of carving out a morning routine, and agree that it needs to fit YOU and where you are at in your life. Make it simple and you’ll find you create something that is not only sustainable but that you cherish xx.

  4. Absolutely love this post- thank you so much Connie! I had no idea our bodies when acidic overnight! (Good job I’m addicted to hot water and lemon in the morning!)

    I’ve also done that ‘getting up at stupid o’clock’ thing, but it really didn’t suit my body, especially during the winter! I used to think that I had to go to yoga and get as much done in the day before a certain time, but I realised quite quickly that this jump start wasn’t great for my body and that I really need to give it a bit of break, especially in the morning. Now I’m practising being present in the mornings, breathing and accepting as bit of ease. Listening to our bodies and our rhythms is key.

    Thank you Connie! xx

  5. I love this post Connie. I really do leave for the day really flustered and need a better morning routine. Whilst 5am sounds super early and rather cold I think it would give me head space to have a more productive day.

  6. I recently changed from having to get up at the crack of dawn to a job where I can get up at a non-so crack of dawn time…it’s leaving me feeling a little lost as I try and find my new routine. I kind of miss the early mornings 🙂

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