Be A Sexy, Empowered & Self-Loving Woman with Taro O (AR #39)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #39 Be a Sexy, Empowered and Self-Loving Woman with Taro O

More and more I am having women come to me asking how they can re-connect with, and awaken, more of their feminine essence. It seems that so many of us have got so lost in the masculine world of achievement that we have lost touch with what makes us feel like a woman. 

These days we are inundated with so many external messages of what it  means to be sexy, beautiful and powerful. We may confuse self-love with arrogance, or believe self-care to be selfish and over-indulgent, or think taking time to rest is lazy and unproductive.

If you have found yourself struggling with this, you will love today’s episode of Awaken Radio, with tantric sex teacher and sexuality coach, Taro O. We explore how to bring the balance back between your masculine and feminine energies – balancing your achieving nature, with your soft, nurturing side. We also chat about the power of self-pleasure, jade eggs and feeling proud and confident in your sexuality.


In This Beautiful Episode We Cover:

  • Why we need to break down the stereotypes of what it means to be a woman and instead explore and express our femininity in own unique way.
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy and how to embody and work with each of these essences.
  • How to harness your masculine energy in a positive way so you can achieve your dreams, while also balancing it with your feminine to help you re-charge and re-balance.
  • Why many women are over-givers and struggle to receive love and support, and how you can begin to transform this pattern through self-love.
  • How to explore your sexuality and come back into connection with your body and sensuality.
  • How to use jade eggs to help you re-connect with and awaken your sexual self.
  • Why it is important to drop the guilt around pleasure, and to instead prioritise what brings us pleasure as a form of self-love and care.


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Connie x

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