Live With More Ease (How To Break Free From Struggle)

I recently had a situation arise in my life where I noticed my initial reaction was to move in to a space of struggle.  I automatically decided that this event was going to cause a ‘problem’ for me and I noticed how my mind began to go on a future tripping journey of worrying about all the ways this would impact my future. Rather than just letting this situation be, I was unknowingly turning it in to a huge struggle.

As I caught myself doing this, I decided to take a step back and just sit with the reaction I was experiencing. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty arising but I could see that most of that was simply arising by the way I was choosing to think about and view this situation.

I could suddenly see how much I was making this whole situation so difficult for myself, when it didn’t necessarily have to be.

So, then I thought – What if I chose to see this differently?

Could I release the need to struggle? If I let go of all of my resistance and fear, could I instead experience this situation with ease?

As I sat with these questions, I instantly felt my energy soften and my grip on this issue loosen. The fear began to melt away and I began to hear the loving wisdom of my inner guidance speak up.

As I saw this issue through a more loving lense I began to open up to a new possibility. The possibility that this event could not only be handled with grace, flow and effortlessness but that it could in fact have many positive aspects to it, and it could in fact open new doors for me that I was not eve aware of.

Today I want to give you an insight in to how exactly we create this constant feeling of struggle in our life, and how we can learn to break free from this to instead experience a life full of ease. Trust me, it is easier than you think!


1. Stop Resisting And Start Agreeing

When you agree with life, life agrees with you. Agree, and withdraw in peace” Catherine Ponder

What would it be like to just agree with life? To open heartedly just accept whatever it brought you? We would release the need to fight, resist and force and instead just drop into an effortless flow.

Connect with the situation that is creating struggle, and I want you to pretend for a moment that you created this. That you wrote it into the script of your life for a reason.

Just sit with that and see what arises. Play around with the idea that this is happening intentionally. What might that reason be? What opportunity or new possibility might be lurking in this challenge, that you cannot see yet?

You’ve gotta let go and trust life a little. Trust that everything is happening for your higher good to support you to become your very best self. Life wants the best for you. You may not be able to understand it yet, but if you can open up and just embrace what life has brought you, you will be able to feel much more accepting of what is happening.


2. Notice How You’re Creating Drama

Let’s get honest here – are you addicted to the drama? Are you turning this situation in to a big ordeal, when it doesn’t need to be? Are you telling everyone who will listen about this big problem you are facing?

Drama arises when we allow our emotions to cloud what is unfolding in our life. We create strong up and down reactions to our circumstances, rather than taking a level and balanced perspective. 

When we can see an event, person or situation for what it is, there is no drama attached to it. We create the drama by the way we react.

When a situation arises that you react to, just notice your reaction. Notice your desire to want to tell everyone about it. Notice the emotional roller coaster you take yourself on. And when you notice it, drop it. Choose to let it go in that instant. Realise that you may not be able to control this event, but you can control how you respond. Choose to respond in a calm, balanced and grounded way.


3. Choose For It To Be Easy

When we have a spanner thrown in the works we often jump straight in to noticing all of the ways that this is an inconvenience or a problem. What we focus on in life is what we get, so the more we make this a problem in our minds, the more of a problem it will become in our lives.

Can you begin to see how much we create struggle in our lives? If so, perhaps you can beginning to see that you actually choose to buy in to the struggle. The good news is that you can therefore choose not to. You can instead choose for it to be easy.

Ask yourself these questions – What if this was actually easy? Could it be possible that this will actually work out to my advantage? Or if there is a big change tied in to this event – Is it possible that I could experience this change effortlessly?

Picture this event in your mind and see it all unfolding easily, effortlessly and perfectly for the higher good of everyone involved, and then let it go and release the need to worry about it.


4. Open Up To New Possibility

Sometimes life hides new opportunities amongst challenges. We can’t always see this right away, specially when we are in the midst of having a strong reaction, so sometimes we have to dig a little deeper for it.

Could you open up to the possibility that there is some positive aspect, new opportunity or beautiful learning hiding for you in this challenge or struggle? What might it be?

Could this challenge actually be opening a new path for you or leading you to a new door? Could there actually be a whole new possibility here for you that is just waiting to be discovered?

When you make a shift in your mind, you open up to a new possibility. You allow new creative ideas to flow in. You allow the loving perspective to guide you to what is right for you. The less we fight, and the more open we be, the more we can let ourselves be guided through the struggle with grace and ease.


Do you find yourself creating more struggle than you need to in life? How do you support yourself to embrace more ease and flow? Share with me below.

With love,

Connie x

4 thoughts on “Live With More Ease (How To Break Free From Struggle)”

  1. Your posts are always easy to relate to.
    Yesterday, it was announced 20 folks are getting laid off from jobs at my office and we were to find out today. The agony we all felt with the worry of the what-if’s was overwhelming the past 48 hours. Although I found out I was safe I really was riding that roller coaster – ie telling everyone, thinking about, trying to control the outcomes in my mind. Fearful. We were all acting like this was the end of the world when most of us will be fine, go on unemployment, take our severance package, and figure out next steps. Great post – I will remember this for the future and save myself the anxiety.

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