How To Hear Your Inner Guidance

I made a commitment to myself recently, to strengthen my connection with my inner guidance. In the past, I had a tendency to only draw on this precious wisdom when I thought I needed it. Most of the time I felt pretty content living from my head, and it was only when my rational mind would fail me that I would turn inwards for support.

I have been working each day to strengthen this relationship by quietening my mind and tuning in to my heart. I have been spending the early hours of the morning sitting by candlelight, becoming more aware of my inner self.

I decided that I didn’t want my relationship with my inner guide to just be some random and sporadic event, but rather my predominant way of being and living.

As I mentioned in this post, I have been completing a daily practices from May Cause Miracles by witnessing my fearful thoughts and choosing to reconnect with love. I have been slowing down my mind, dropping in my body and starting to feel more. And I have been letting go of my way of doing things and starting to simply tune in to my inner feelings and allow that to guide my actions and decisions.


What Is Your Relationship With Your Inner Guidance

I started feeling really drawn to share this with all of you, but then I suddenly had a thought. For some of you, living with your inner guidance may seem like a nice concept, but perhaps it is something you have not had much experience with. And while there is nothing wrong with that (as we are all on our own journey and where are exactly where we need to be), I realised that many of you may not really know how to do it!


So, before  I dive in to this topic have a think about the following questions:

What does inner guidance mean to you?

What does the term inner guidance feel like to you?

What experiences have you had with your inner guidance so far?


Video: How To Hear Your Inner Guidance

So, in today’s video I decided to share some tips on how you can start to build a relationship with your own inner guidance.

In the video, I share some powerful questions that you can start to explore to build this connection, which include:

What do you love to do?

How do you feel when you are doing what you love? (list a few key words)

What do you experience in your body when you feel these feelings?

What do those sensations in your body look like?


How To Live With Inner Guidance

Once you have become familiar with this feeling, I want you to practice how you can start to bring your inner guidance in to your day to day life by choosing to experience these feelings more regularly. Practise this by;

+ Sitting in meditation each day with the intention of connecting to that loving energy within you.

+ Noticing how you feel when you make decisions and tuning in to which option connects you most to the feeling of your inner guidance.

+ Simply choosing to tune in to that energy within you moment by moment through your day. Perhaps set an alarm on your phone which will go off every hour to remind you to take a deep breathe, drop your attention in to your body and feel. 


What does your inner guidance feel like to you? Do you find it easy or hard to connect with it and follow it? Leave a comment or thought for me below!

With love,

Connie x


15 thoughts on “How To Hear Your Inner Guidance”

  1. The website says the video is private, but this is a helpful post anyway. You always seem to say something right when I am thinking of it or wondering about it. The same with your shadow-career post. 🙂 Thanks for all the magnificent work you do, Connie!

    1. Whoops, thanks for letting me know Erika! I just switched it over to public 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the video – it really compliments the post and explains it all in a little more detail x

  2. Hey Connie
    Great post. I think connecting with your inner guidance, or true self, is in part the reason for this life. It’s a biggie. And it’s like any other relationship – you have to build trust, build confidence in communicating with this version of yourself, learn to trust it.

    But like most relationships, given the time, space and freedom needed, a beautiful connection can be born and fostered.

    I’ve come to rely on my inner guidance to a point now where it is usually my default position, so it’s a little harder to answer. It feels right, like all the energy of the world is beaming out of me.


    1. Helen you are so spot on. I think the first step is learning how to identify your inner guidance, but as you said the biggest part of the journey is about building an ongoing relationship with that inner part of you, and trust is a huge part of that!

      You are such an inspiration – to have the feeling of ‘the world beaming out of me’ as your default position in life is a pretty spectacular place to be! xx

  3. I’m so glad I stumbled across you. I love this video. I have a strong connection with my inner guidance, but have always found it very tricky to articulate what it is/how it feels. You make it so easy to understand and have given me some great ways to share this with my clients + friends + family 🙂 ♥

    1. Hi Jasmine, yes I agree it is an experience that can be hard to define with words. But I felt it was important to explain it as not everyone knows what it feels like. I am so thrilled you will be able to use some of the tips I shared with your clients, family and friends! xx

    1. Hi Miranti, thank you for your sweet comment. I am so glad you found the questions to be useful, and I hope that they support you in developing an even stronger connection with your inner guidance. I know from the work we have done, that your heart and intuition is really calling you forward at the moment, so this will be a really valuable practice for you during your big transition! xx

  4. Connie…I’m so digging the videos you are doing. You have such a calm yet powerful presence….Watching this one and taking it in just added an extra 5 min meditation to my day. Thank you 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Kirri! So thrilled you are loving the vids. I love recording them, but I am still working on my skills in front of the camera. So, I am happy to hear that my positive vibes are able to show through 🙂

      I love your work girl. Your site is gorgeous! Thank you so much for stopping by xx

  5. You are my answer from the Universe 🙂

    Personally, I think my inner guidance pops out of its egg when I’m practising yoga and when I sit and meditate. It’s difficult to describe how I feel, I would say it’s like I’m at peace. I feel I’m living that moment and I feel there is no fear as I’m in a place of love.
    Now I’d like to make it an every moment feeling. I’d like it to become my way of being. Hard work, isn’t it? =) I’ll try your tips to bulid a stronger relationship with my inner guidance. Can I say my inner guidance is my true self?

    love xx

  6. Loved this. I only just stumbled across your page a few days ago. I am stuck in habits, yearning to be that person in my head and I finally decided, ENOUGH. I AM her I just need to get out of my own way and then I found your site. So here to the journey of being completely me! I enjoyed tapping into my heart space with this post, my heart space is a big open summer day with cool water and green and wind and a big smile on my face. It can be other images that make me feel it, but best description is sunshine and summer in my heart. I feel limitless and alive and so “out of the box” it’s amazing. So I’m happy to have tapped into that this morning!

  7. I truly loved it! I tried to connect to my inner guidance for a few years and I’ve always kept in mind that this is a process, wellness is a process and I leant a lot during this past time. I’m a hundred percent greatful for all of the emotions and chanllenges I needed to face to get in the place I’m now with myself and with my life although I battled a lot to calm down my mind and to learn to accept my life the way it’s. I’m always rushing around and I finally learnt in the past month how to let it go… the stress and the anxiety. To simply slow it down and how to open my heart, my mind, just myself completly to connect to my inner guidance and I must say that I know I worked hard to get here, lots and lots of meditation breaks and readings hahaha but I must thank you and a few others beautiful and loving women that have been inspiring me and lighting me up through this past month. I like to think that you girls didn’t popped up in my life like from nowhere but instead you’re just the most important blessing I could ever have! This is just beautiful and pure so THANK YOU a zillion for inspiring all of us who read your blog. You’re a beautiful and loving soul!!!

    xx from brazil!

  8. great post and video connie! i’m just finishing up “may cause miracles” and have really strengthened my relationship with my inner guide. it’s great to hear how others, like you, are integrating their ~ing into their lives. it’s exciting to know that living from a space of love and inner guidance is becoming more common and even more exciting that people like you are teaching people to do so through videos like this. thanks for spreading the love and for sharing your wisdom <3

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