Why Settle For Anything Less Than Amazing?

Have you ever found yourself holding on, clinging, or not wanting to let go of something that you know is not what you really want?

We do it all the time. We cling to that ex boyfriend, even though he doesn’t treat us how we want. We hold on tightly to our food addiction as a form of comfort.

Or we keep ourselves in that job that makes us miserable as we are too scared to step up and claim what we truly desire. Have you ever wondered by we do this to ourselves?


I Recently Had A Strong Hit Of Inner Guidance

It told me very clearly that it was time to let go. Not only let go, but raise my standards so that I could call in something absolutely amazing.

You see, when we hold on to things that are not truly right for us, we clog up our energy.

These mediocre circumstances take up the precious space that your new dreams are waiting to occupy. Without the space you cannot call them in.

Unless we are willing to acknowledge that we deserve more, and can ask for more, we will never get it.


Suddenly, I Realised How Much I Had Been Settling

I had been scared to raise my standards and what for what I really wanted. Rather, I was simply accepting what I could get.

Ick. And this left me with the question; Why do we settle?

Why do we settle for something that does make us feel alive, inspired and loved up. Why do we accept things in life that leave us feeling empty?

Because it is what we believe we deserve.

And further more, we are afraid that something better won’t ever come along, so we cling to what we have got.

I feel that we have become a society conditioned to accepting what we can get, rather than declaring that we want more. We feel ashamed to ask for more. Ungrateful. We fear standing out and being different.

It is time to shift this mentality (and ladies I am talking primarily to you). As women we must fully claim our birthright, the life we would love to live and have the courage to step up as the woman we long to be.


Get Really Honest With Yourself:

Why on earth don’t you deserve to live an absolutely amazing life?

Why don’t you deserve the relationship of your dreams?

Why don’t deserve to spend every single day doing what you love?

If you notice yourself grappling with these questions, it is time to take a deep look inwards and start to clear out this old programming. It is not serving you anymore.

I think fear is a big driving force here. Are we afraid that if we raise our standards, and then fail to meet that target, we will feel the pain of disappointment?

Do we fear what others will think if we outshine them?

Do we not even believe that our big, bright shiny visions are possible?


It Is Time To Raise Our Standards

We must all collectively realise we deserve absolutely nothing less than the very best. We deserve to create a life beyond our wildest dreams. 

Take an honest inventory:

Where am I settling right  now?

What in my life does not make me feel expansive, alive, free, empowered? 

Why am I holding on to this?

I am saying a big fat no to settling for anything less than amazing. I am upping the stakes. Raising my standards. Asking for more.

Are you with me?

With love,

Connie x

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