7 Powerful Ways To Prepare For The New Year (AR #102)

2021 is only a few weeks away, so today I want to share some powerful practices you can use to prepare yourself for the new year.

We have a wonderful opportunity through December to begin this process of preparation so that we don’t land in the new year on the back foot with no clarity or plan in place.

After all that 2020 has brought us, it is important to complete this year in an empowered and deliberate way so that you can fully integrate all of the lessons and learnings this year has brought. Doing this will really help you create a clean slate for the new year and ready yourself for powerful new beginnings.

So in today’s episode, I will be sharing how to consciously complete 2020, clarify what you desire for the year ahead, create an inspiring vision, align your energy with who you want to become and begin laying foundations now for what you desire to create.

While some of the practices I am sharing may seem simple, don’t underestimate their power! With all of these practices the deeper you dig into them and more consciously you work with them, the more you will gain from them.

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In This Episode I Cover:

- How to use the month of December as a powerful period of preparation.
- Why it is important to pause and reflect over your year so you can integrate your lessons, learning and blessings.
- Powerful questions you can work through to help you wrap up 2020.
- How to tune into your heart when clarifying your desires.
- Powerful questions you can work through to help you uncover what you want to create, manifest and experience in 2021.
- How to choose a theme and core feeling words for 2021.
- How to create an inspiring vision that will guide you through 2021.
- A ritual that will help you stay connected to your vision and desires as the year unfolds.
- How to come into alignment with the version of yourself who has what you want.
- Why you first need to create a change within yourself to create new results.
- Why the purpose of desire is your transformation and growth.
- How to start laying foundations in December for your new year desires.
- Some of the up-levelling steps I am taking to prepare for 2021.
- How to write a completion letter to 2020.
- How to practise a sacred completion ritual to wrap up the year.

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Connie x

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