Are You Ruled By Fear Or Fuelled By Love? (AR #38)

My biggest practise over the past few years has been about un-learning all of my ways of being, thinking and acting that are driven by fear.

I have been releasing my old stories and self-imposed limitations. I have been shifting my perceptions of what I believe is possible.

I have been dropping my attachment to other people’s love and validation. I have stopped looking outside of myself for security and certainty.

I have been releasing my tendency to want to fix myself and my life. I have stopped striving for external goals that I think will make me happy.

I have been breaking the cycle of need and have instead been listening to the love-fuelled beat of my heart.

And as I have released and dropped all these fear-driven patterns, I have discovered a new way of living guided by love.

Living from fear truly is just an endless cycle of dissatisfaction, emptiness and always wanting ‘more’.

When this energy is driving your thoughts, feelings and actions you will constantly feel ‘not enough’ and you will always be trying to get less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want.

When you are unaware of fear’s presence in your life, you can spend years on this treadmill of searching, striving and fixing thinking it will eventually bring happiness, but it never does.

But the shift comes when you decide to live from a different space. To choose a new way of being. To let love take over and guide your life.

And that is what today’s episode is all about.


In Today’s Podcast Episode I Cover:

+ What it looks like when fear is ruling your life.

+ How to catch out your sneaky fear-driven patterns of control, need, attachment and external striving.

+ Why fear energy will always be trying to make something ‘bad’ go away, or try to get ‘more’ of something better (and how to avoid this trap).

+ What it looks (and feels) like to be living from an energy of love and the questions you can ask yourself to uncover your love-driven desires.

+ Why your fear-driven mistakes can be your greatest teachers.


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What are your true love-driven desires? What do you feel inspired to create in your life? What would you love to experience? Share with me in the comments.


With love,

Connie x

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