Heal Your Wounds & Live In Alignment with Soul with Savonn Champelle (AR #37)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #37 Heal Your Wounds and Life In Alignment with Soul with Savonn Champelle

Before I found a connection with my Soul – with that loving, supportive and empowering presence within me – my life felt empty, directionless and scary. I was ruled by limitation and fear. I was on an endless search outside myself to find something to fill me up and complete me.

It takes time to unlearn our old patterns, heal our wounds and release the limiting beliefs that are keeping us disconnected from who we really are. But if you feel ready to embark on the journey you will love today’s conversation.

I am speaking with Psychic Medium and Energy Healer, Savonn Champelle about how to become aware of the inner wounds that are blocking your alignment with your Soul, so you can clear them once and for all. We explore the power of forgiveness, healing our inner child, unlearning old patterns, and living a life driven by our heart.


In This Soulful Episode We Cover:

  • Savonn’s personal story of how he went from a deep depression to spiritual awakening.
  • The importance of seeking support on your journey through coaches, mentors and healers to help you see your ‘blind spots’.
  • How gaining awareness of your inner blocks is the first step to transforming them.
  • Why we must drop the judgement of our past mistakes to uncover the hidden blessing and learning available for us.
  • The key belief systems which you may be carrying around that are blocking your connection with your soul.
  • How our childhood experiences can create wounds on our heart that cause us to attract unhealthy relationships.
  • A powerful step by step journalling practise to heal a wounded inner child.
  • The power of forgiveness and how to use this practise to heal your relationship with yourself and others.
  • How to be open hearted and supportive of other people without taking on board their negativity or getting pulled into their lower level energy.
  • Savvon’s recommendations for how to begin developing a spiritual practice and living in alignment with your heart and soul.
  • How to begin to access the guidance of your angels, spirit guides and higher self.


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What is your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Share with us in the comments below.

With love,

Connie x

2 thoughts on “Heal Your Wounds & Live In Alignment with Soul with Savonn Champelle (AR #37)”

  1. I absolutely loved this episode Connie and have been re-listening to it before I sleep . 🙂 Such a sincere, kind and comforting episode. Thank you guys!!

  2. Amazing episode Connie, I absolutely adore both you and your Awaken Radio show! I just want to thank you so much for always bringing such inspiring beings such as Savonn Champelle on your show, the conversations you have in this space are truly life changing. Very recently I’ve been feeling somewhat trapped in a relationship with someone very close to me who is an alcoholic. What Savonn said about how we can be supportive without rescuing people from what’s going on in their lives was a huge ah-ha moment for me. Beautifully said and really hit home. Thanks again for all the work you and Savonn do! You’re amazing!


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