Breaking The Cycle Of Worry & Struggle (AR #36)

As part of my journey of conscious living, I have been practising witnessing my thoughts and becoming aware of the typical thought patterns and stories my mind likes to play (and replay).

I have been noticing how much my mind takes me out of the present and gets me lost in thinking, and I have been observing all of the games it plays to stop me simply enjoying this moment.

And just the other day, I caught myself in a sneaky mental pattern which totally sabotages my happiness, inner peace and my ability to simply enjoy my life.  

I noticed how much my mind loves to find things that are ‘wrong’. It wants to find, or even create, things to be wrong with me and my life. It is as though it finds a sense of purpose in creating problems, so it can fix them.

As I witnessed this pattern, I began exploring the question “What if nothing was actually wrong?“. As I sat with it, a whole heap of new insights dropped in and I felt inspired to share them in a podcast for you.

If you can relate to what I am sharing, and you feel ready to break through this endless mental cycle of worry and struggle, tune into today’s episode to hear my simple practices for shifting this pattern.


In Today’s Podcast Episode I Cover:

+ How our mind finds purpose through creating problems that it can then fix.

+ Why nothing is inherently negative or bad, but rather it is our label or judgment that makes it wrong.

+ How the practise of acceptance can break the cycle of stress and struggle .

+ Why worry will only arise if you are not living in the present moment.

+ My favourite affirmations to bring more peace and ease into your life.

+ How to take action from a state of non-resistance which is free from drama and difficulty.


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Can you relate to this tendency to find things wrong with your life and create problems to solve? Share with me how this plays out for you in the comments.


With love,
Connie x

2 thoughts on “Breaking The Cycle Of Worry & Struggle (AR #36)”

  1. Connie, I cannot tell you how much this resonated with me- thank you so, so much.

    My family has a bit of a history, especially down the female side, of worrying if there’s nothing to worry about! I used to be terrible and would get myself into a real frenzy pretending that all these things were wrong, when really I was just filling my time to make up for a void inside me.

    It also reminded me of going to see my favourite massage lady a while ago, and she said, “So, what’s wrong?”, and I said, “Nothing- everything’s great!”. It’s funny that we often feel there has to be something wrong before we treat ourselves well!

    Thanks again Connie- you are so inspired in this podcast! xx

  2. Love this Connie… 🙂

    As an idea for a future topic… do you have any tips on how to share yourself authentically? I have worked over the years on “discovering” my authentic self… but now I find that whenever I am with other people I tend to way way under share… I ask so many questions and when I do have the spotlight on me, telling my story, I get nervous and cut it short. Any tips on how to own ourselves in an authentic way… while still be encouraging and polite of other people?

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