Re-Define Beauty & Heal Your Body With Love with Nitika Chopra (AR #35)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #35 Re-Define Beauty and Heal Your Body with Love with Nitika Chopra

It is easy to feel frustrated and even angry at our bodies when they manifest pain, sickness and health conditions or when they don’t look and appear the way we want them to. But have you ever wondered about the impact all of this negative thinking, criticism and judgment is having on your body? What if healing your body was actually as simple as listening to it’s messages and giving it the love it needed to thrive?

In today’s episode of Awaken Radio I am speaking with life coach, talk show host and wellness entrepreneur Nitika Chopra about how to heal your relationship with your body through self-love. You will come to see how beauty is so much more than what you look like, and is truly about taking care of yourself from the inside-out.


In This Inspiring Episode We Cover:

  • Nitika’s personal story of how she healed herself from a chronic skin condition and arthritis by listening to her body and uncovering and understanding the messages it was trying to give her.
  • The incredible connection between your emotions and thoughts, and the health and wellbeing of your body.
  • How suppressed emotions can manifest as health issues in your body, and why allowing yourself to own, feel and process your emotions can help heal your body issues.
  • How a spiritual faith and practise can transform your relationship with your body.
  • Why it is time to re-define what it means to be beautiful, and how to love and accept your body even you feel like there is so much wrong with you.
  • How to uncover and embody your divine beauty.


Listen to Episode #35 with Nitika Chopra:

Note: Unfortunately my audio recording system cut out part way through this episode, so we sadly missed a big chunk of our conversation. But there is still so much gold in here, so I hope you enjoy what we were able to capture.

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With love,

Connie x

2 thoughts on “Re-Define Beauty & Heal Your Body With Love with Nitika Chopra (AR #35)”

  1. Loved this episode, Connie! I enjoyed listening to Nitika’s personal story of how she healed herself from her condition. In fact, recently, I found myself not loving my body, feeling I’ve put on weight on my body. I was inspired to start loving my body and literally it I loved me even when I felt certain parts of my body were not perfect. Beautiful episode as usual 🙂

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