Overcoming The Fear Of Being Seen (AR #30)

I recently felt inspired to explore the platform of Awaken Radio in a new way, and begin bringing you mini podcast episodes with me! While all of the previous episodes have included a conversation with a guest, this new style will simply involve me diving deep into a particular area or topic to share my own perspectives and insights.

As I had a little play around with this format, it felt incredibly freeing and creative for me and I would love to bring you more episodes like this one. I foresee this show now becoming a mixture of both episodes with guests and also just with myself.

In usual Awaken Radio style, it will all still be very in the flow with me simply bringing you whatever I feel at the time. So I hope you love and enjoy this new direction the show is heading in. 


Overcoming The Fear Of Being Seen

I wanted to open up a conversation around being seen, as I know that for years I felt blocked, held back and limited from fully owning and expressing who I feel I am.

And I know I am not alone. Many of us hide our unique gifts, hold back from following our dreams and shy away from expressing our true thoughts and feeling with others.

We may fear that who we are is not ok, right, loveable or good enough. We fear the pain of rejection, judgment and criticism and so it feels safer to live out inauthentic roles and wear self-protective masks.

But I believe we all deeply yearn to be seen, not just by others, but also by ourselves. We want to know that who we are at our core – our true, authentic self – is beautiful, loveable and enough, and we want to feel the freedom of letting that be fully expressed.

And so this journey begins with you. It begins with recognising all the parts of yourself that you have decided are unloveable, that you are judging as wrong and that you feel are not good enough. As you bring these parts of you out into the light and shower them with love, you heal your relationship with yourself, and fear starts to melt away.

We are all here to be bright, shiny, unique expressions of our soul and there is no greater joy that comes from feeling that.

So, take the time to reflect on this episode and really examine all the ways you are hiding, playing small and denying your true self, and begin to identify what fears and limiting beliefs are blocking your beautiful authentic self being seen by the world. 


Listen to Episode #30:

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So what do you think of this new format? I would love to hear your thoughts! And if there are any particular topics you would love for me to explore in these mini podcast episodes, pop a note in the comments and let me know.


With love,

Connie x

16 thoughts on “Overcoming The Fear Of Being Seen (AR #30)”

    1. Connie Chapman

      Oh Dani, thank you. My experience has been that as we drop our own masks we inspire others to feel safe to do the same x

  1. Wow!!!! Connie thank you so much for this, it is truly what I needed to hear at this very moment in time! I can’t believe the synchronicity in this!
    I was just trying to write an ‘about/my story’ section for my new business that I am trying to start, and I felt these exact things- silly and worried about people judging me and not liking what I am putting out into the world. Then I thought about it and told myself not to worry about what anyone else thinks, and that it is important to express myself creatively and to be who I really am!
    Then I instantly stumbled across your post! I truly belive that everything happens for a reason- and there it is!
    Such an inspiring, beautiful conversation- thank you so so much Connie.
    Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂 Love the new format too!
    Heidi xxx

    1. Connie Chapman

      Oh Heidi I love when that happens! It is beautiful that what I shared here gave such a strong confirmation to what you were feeling in yourself. So many of us hold ourselves back by over-thinking, questioning and judging what we feel to express. Keep being you beautiful and let the world see it 🙂 x

  2. Hi Con,
    What a beautiful conversation.
    Loved hearing just you and that you can go deeper into topics!
    Looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Connie Chapman

      Thank you for the feedback Fiona and I look forward to exploring things more deeply with you in future episodes! x

  3. Thank you Connie. That was just lovely. Such a beautiful message.
    It was so nice to just hear your voice for a change.

  4. Wow Connie this was an amazing talk, please don’t stop doing what you’re doing because it really lighted me up. I really resonate with the fear of being seen and I have a very similar childhood experience, now it’s been so long that I want to share my voice on a blog , and I still find it hard to put it out there in the world, but I’m more ready than ever to do it . I will transform what you just said , the fact of being proud and love the parts of me that I’m most afraid to share and repeat it as an affirmation until I believe it , because I really think that I still have an hard time accepting and loving these unique parts of me.

    1. Connie Chapman

      Ale as I shared, I held myself back for years too and for so long I was too scared to write on a blog (or even tell people about it when I did), but as I have worked through that I have found so much freedom, joy and alive-ness through the experience. There is so much about you that makes you special, unique and a gift to the world so keep focusing on those parts of you and love them enough to let them be seen x

  5. Hi Connie, good for you! You have deep, empowering, brave, bold messages to share – and we have seen through your videos how lit up you get when you share your work – so this will be a wonderful extension on your passion and purpose.

    It’s quite timely for me too, as I’m almost about ready to take that leap from current (unhappy, fulfilling, inauthentic) work into the unknown and let go of long-held beliefs that I need to have a certain title, salary, work life, certainty about my next step etc. I’m letting it go and trust I will be supported.

    I delved into the free eBook from Amy E Smith, following your last radio episode and have listened to a few of her podcasts – which she does in a similar fashion, where she is the ‘interviewee’ sharing her insight on a topic – and it’s great! So I know yours will be as interesting and inspiring in this similar format. Best wishes!

    1. Connie Chapman

      Thank you for your beautiful, supportive words Samantha. Speaking in this way truly is an extension of what I love and it really did light me up to just speak so freely in this way. And it is awesome to hear you felt it 🙂 It sounds like you are on the verge of an exciting new chapter!! Keep backing and supporting yourself and I have no doubt you will THRIVE xx

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I have been going through exactly this lately. Early in my life, I was rejected and made fun of for being my authentic, sensitive, enthusiastic self. So, at age 11. I learned to shut that down. I thought I had learned the trick to fitting in and was so proud of myself. Fast forward 13 years, I have gone through a crazy spiritual journey and recovery from an eating disorder and am so so passionate about sharing my story to help others and hopefully prevent some young women from going through what I did. So, I started a blog…but have kept it secret for months. I am so terrified of being seen, of being rejected by those closest to me. Basically everything in this podcast. Thank you so much for your wisdom, vulnerability, and tools. I think I will implement some of the practices into my nightly routine. <3 xoxo Julie

    1. Connie Chapman

      Thank you for your honesty Julie, and your experiences sound very similar to mine. It has taken years of self-healing work and spiritual practise to peel back the outer shell I built to protect myself. But I realised that our experiences happen for a reason, and you are here to be a teacher for others – that is why you went through what you did – so you could come out the other side and share your learnings. Don’t discount the power of that. Keep writing, sharing and expressing yourself beautiful. The world needs your light xx

  7. Wonderful podcast Connie, I really love the powerful messages you share in this. It’s really great how you talk about how we were as children and what behaviours are accepted or praised and what is not. I think there is a lot to be said for that and how we grow up and what we believe.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and insights on this topic.

    Nicole x

  8. Thanks for bringing this to the surface for me. I’m wondering if you can recommend a workshop or other intensive experience that would allow me to dig a little deeper into this.

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