Ignite Self-Love & Step Into Your Power with Amy Smith (AR #29)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #29 Ignite Self-Love and Step into Your Power with Amy Smith

It is so easy to fall in to the trap of measuring your sense of self-worth on external factors such as the attainment of goals and success, or through comparing yourself to others. But to create a beautiful, and loving relationship with yourself, you have to begin to shift this external focus and bring it inwards so you can tap into your own truth and power.

In today’s Awaken Radio episode I speak with Amy Smith from the Joy Junkie, who is a life coach, speaker, and relationship and personal empowerment expert. Amy’s powerful and direct approach will give you insight into how to ignite your self-love and find your own authentic power so you can move forward bravely and boldly in your life.


In This Powerful Episode We Cover:

  • How to stop resting your sense of self-worth on external achievement, goals and success and instead build a strong sense of self-love from within.
  • How to release the fear of others judgment when you begin following your truth and doing what is right for you.
  • Why fear is not a bad thing but rather a beautiful indicator that you are on the right track.
  • How simply shifting (and properly using) your focus will radically impact what you create and experience in your world.
  • How to take an empowering approach to comparison so it can actually fuel your own growth, rather than crushing your confidence.


Listen to Episode #29 with Amy Smith:


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4 thoughts on “Ignite Self-Love & Step Into Your Power with Amy Smith (AR #29)”

  1. Thank you Connie, really excited to get into this one. It seems perfect for where I am at right now. Looking forward to listening to it tonight!

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