Be Daring, Break Free & Get Uncomfortable

Where have you been pulling back? How have you been resisting the call that is beckoning at you to break free from your old, constrained ways of being and dive in to the world of the unknown?

Where are you choosing comfort over growth? Security over expansion? Familiarity over freedom?

We are always being called towards more. Life pushes at us in order to help us evolve. We experience contrasting and challenging situations in order to support us in birthing new desires and following them whole-heartedly.

We can follow that new desire, faithfully, knowingly and calmly, or we can resist. We can allow our analytical mind to over-think, question, doubt and throw fear in our path. We can let it stop us in our tracks. We can stagnate and settle.


How Are You Clinging To Comfort?

I love the idea of running from what is comfortable. Of noticing where you are in a holding pattern because in some way it feels safe. Many of us find comfort in clinging to what is known and familiar.

Ask yourself; “Where have I got comfortable? ” Stop. ReflectAnd then ask; How is clinging to this comfort holding me back, causing me to stagnate and keeping me in what is known?”

When we retreat to comfort, we pull back from life. We let our mind talk us out of what our heart truly wants. We stop following what we feel and we let our bank balance, our circumstances or other people determine what we can and can’t do.


Be Daring. Break Free.

Where can you take a risk?

Most of us associate risk with danger. The danger that something bad will happen. We will be rejected, judged, abandoned. That we will fail. That we will do something wrong.

But why do we fear those things? Because our inner balance, peace and contentment rests squarely on the opinions of others. Because for us to feel good about ourselves we need to receive some form of validation from the world to tell us that we are.

This is how we stay comfortable. We cling to what we know people want us to be. We cling to the identity that they validate. We do what we know they like. We chase their love, in the hope we will eventually fill us up.


To take a risk, is to risk losing their love. Yes, that may be true. But what if in the process, you became free?

Where can you speak your feelings with no guarantee it will be reciprocated?

What if you took that step, even though you didn’t have the money yet?

Where can you show up in a way that makes you incredibly uncomfortable?

What can you do in a different way to how you have ever done it before?

What new place can you explore, even though you are scared?

What passion within you needs a voice, a platform and an opportunity to be expressed?

Where can you do something that includes a high chance you will fail?

And if you get rejected, if people don’t like it, if they judge you criticise you and ostracise you, will you still be ok?

If you fail miserably, look like an idiot, make a mistake and fall flat on your face, can you still pick yourself up and move forward with pride that you actually gave it a go?

And if they took their love from you, could you still love yourself? Could you still completely accept who you are, even if others don’t?

Taking a risk is ultimately a practise of self love. It is where we learn to make the love we feel within ourselves and for ourselves, more important than the validation and acceptance of others.

So, love yourself enough to do it. Be bold and brave. Release the familiar. Dive fearlessly in to the unknown with full faith that the love you feel within you, will carry you beyond any challenge you encounter in the process.

With love,

Connie x

2 thoughts on “Be Daring, Break Free & Get Uncomfortable”

  1. I think I’ve always held back, just that tiny bit, because if I failed I would know that I hadn’t tried my best, i.e. it wasn’t a ‘true’ failure.

    Pledging right now to quit this behaviour. It’s not getting me anywhere and what does ‘true’ failure mean anyway!?

    Here’s to change, expansion and trying my absolute best.

  2. With regards to your ‘Hands of Light’ Instagram post, I think you’d really enjoy this article from Gwenyth Paltrow’s blog, Goop, “FIGURE OF SPEECH: HOW THE WORDS WE CHOOSE SHAPE OUR LIVES. By Dr. Habib Sadeghi”
    ( I thought of you instantly as it ties in with all I’ve read from you about energy and the power of our thoughts and vibrations!

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