How To Break Free From Limiting Stories

What are your stories? The stories that tend to play through your mind about yourself.

What are your beliefs? The thoughts that you hold as your truth.

What is your self-talk like? What do you tell yourself  is possible for you in your life?

What experiences from the past have you allowed to define you, and how do you continue to re-create these by bringing them with you in to each moment?

Your story is the identity that you have decided is who you are. And it is this story that creates your world.

We are all living here on Earth having this same experience, but we all live in different worlds. We are all each creating our own unique reality, based on the story that we believe is true about us and our world.

Your story is a culmination of past experiences and memories. Of beliefs and values. Of judgements and attachments. It is what you believe to be true.

But what if it wasn’t.

Our story is like a heavy suitcase full of stuff that we carry with us everywhere we go. It limits what we can do. It weighs us down. It holds us back.

But we still carry it. Why? Because we think it is who we are. But what if it wasn’t?


Your Story Is Just A Reflection

Many of us identify very closely with our story.

But the story of your life that you see playing out around you, is just a reflection. It is simply a reflection of what is going on inside of you.

The only reason you think your story is real, is because you continue to manifest it in your world over and over.  And you only continue to manifest it because that is what you believe is true.

What would it feel like to let go of your story? To let go of all of the limiting things you have come to believe about yourself. What if none of it was true?

What if in this precious moment now, you could just be? You could just experience this moment for what it is, without needing to bring the past in to it.

You could experience the people in your life as they are in this moment, without bringing your story about them to every interaction. Without tainting the interaction with your memories, beliefs and judgements of that person.

What would that be like?

And what if you could do the same with yourself? What if you could just be with yourself, as you are in this moment?

You could be anyone in this moment as you would be free from all of the judgements and beliefs about who you think you are and how you feel about yourself.

Imagine if you could just be, as you are, here and now, without any of your stories from the past limiting you.

How would you feel?

You would feel free. Limitless. Like you could be anything you wanted. Like you had a choice.

And you do.

In each moment you can choose to show up in your life and be whoever you wish to be. You can see the world with fresh eyes. Experience every moment as a new moment. Free from judgement. Free from past experiences. Free from your beliefs.


How To Break Free From Limiting Stories

I am aware that what I am sharing may be creating a sense of confusion, and if it does, then embrace it.

But if this resonates with you, then here are some practices to support you to explore this concept a little deeper.

1. What are your stories?

You may want to get out a piece of paper and start to write them down. What is the story that you tell yourself about you? About who you are and what is possible for you? How much of that is just memories or experiences from the past that you are bringing in to the now? What are your stories around money, relationships, career, your body, your home, or your family? Write them out and notice how strongly you have began to identify with them.

2. Recognise them for what they are

Just sit with them for a moment and realise that in this precious moment now these stories do not have to exist. But they exist once you start telling them again. That is what makes them real. Notice how much power you give them. How much you believe them to be true. Realise that you only see evidence of this in your world because it is what you believe to be true.

3. Ponder these questions

What if this wasn’t actually true? What if this was just something I made up? What if this was just a thought I had a long time ago that I have now been thinking so long that it has become a belief and I have believed it for so long that it has now become my reality? 

4. Practice being without your story

As you move through each moment of your life, just be with it. Be with each moment. Be here. And notice your mind as it kicks in. Notice what stories it loves to play on repeat. Notice how your stories take you away from experiencing this moment now.

5. Be present and self aware

Catch your stories as they arise. When you look in the mirror, what automatically pops in to your head about you? When you go to check your bank balance, what do you expect to see? When you meet up with a friend, what memories from the past are you projecting on to that interaction now?

6. Be gentle on yourself

When you notice yourself caught up in a story in your mind, don’t beat up on yourself or judge yourself. Just let it go and practice coming back to the present moment. Drop out of your head and back in to your body by taking some long deep belly breaths.

7. Reconnect with the truth

The truth is that you a none of these stories. You are the awareness that exists without these stories. You are the being-ness that is here in each moment before your head hijacks it and takes you in to thinking.


With love,

Connie x

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