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Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #03 Following the Feeling with Jamie Gonzalez

Following The Feeling with Jamie Gonzalez (AR #03)

In this episode I speak with Intuitive Mentor, Speaker and Blogger Jamie Gonzalez. Jamie shares powerful wisdom on what it actually means to follow the feeling in your life and to make decisions and take actions based on your intuition and what you love.

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode 02 The Art of Surrender (Part 1) with Claire Obeid

The Art Of Surrender (Part 1) with Claire Obeid (AR #02)

In today’s episode I speak with Claire Obeid, Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, on the topic of Surrender. In this episode we de-mystify the concept of surrender. We dive deep in to how you can begin to release those patterns of control, force and fear and instead embrace a life of surrender, flow and ease.

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Episode #01 Living from the Heart with Monica Kade

Living From The Heart with Monica Kade (AR #01)

Today I have some incredibly exciting news that I am so pumped to share with you. I want to introduce you to my new radio show, Awaken Radio.  The idea for this show came to me a couple of weeks ago after realising how much I loved spreading empowering messages through speaking.