How I Discovered My Passion, Quit My Job & Set Up My Business (AR #42)

I often have people contact me wanting to know more about my personal journey of how I was able to discover my passion, quit my day job and step full-time in to running my own business. So I decided to jump on the podcast and tell you the whole story!

In today’s episode I take you right back to the beginning when I first uncovered my deepest heart-driven dream and the journey I then went on to find the courage to turn it into a reality. This required me to walk away from the career path that was expected of me, release my fear of being judged by others and begin to embody and share my true, authentic self.

I walk you through the step by step process of beginning my life coach training, managing the transition of working full time while building my business and how I finally made the leap to quit my day job altogether.


In today’s podcast you will learn;

+ Why it is we find ourselves in inauthentic careers which give us external success, love and validation but which don’t nourish our soul.

+ My personal story of how I discovered my heart’s true passion when I was 20, but then turned my back on it for years due to self-doubt and fear.

+ Why we fear the judgement of others when we begin expressing our true, authentic self.

+ Why it is necessary to get out of your head and into your heart if you want to uncover your passion and purpose.

+ The power of going ‘all in’ and why everything changes when you make a whole-hearted commitment to your dreams.

+ How to begin transitioning out of your day job and into your own business and the important factors you need to consider to ensure you are supported and successful.


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With love,

Connie x

3 thoughts on “How I Discovered My Passion, Quit My Job & Set Up My Business (AR #42)”

  1. Thank you for recording this. It’s really inspiring and good advice for those of us who still have fear following our dreams and don’t know where or how to begin.

  2. Thanks so much for this episode Connie! It was really what I needed to hear because I’m exactly going through this transitioning phase right now. Beginning 2016 I’m lining up some casual ( but hopefully still inspiring) jobs, and continue studying for my coaching certification and yoga TT! It feels scary but exciting at the same time, and it really resonates with me when you talk about how terrifying it is to put yourself out there in social media , I’m going through that and it lighted me up so much when you said that your business wasn’t really pro at first, but it worked! I’m so worried to make decisions that are not very pro sometimes, and listening to all people’s marketing tips, but it’s true that it will work out if I trust it 🙂 Thank you again ! xx

  3. I seriously LOVED hearing your story Connie! I love the risk you took and how it ended up working out for you! You are such an inspiration and I am working to follow in your footsteps as I leap from my own 9-5 job.


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