Master Your Mean Girl & Live The Life Of Your Dreams with Melissa Ambrosini (AR #43)

Connie Chapman Awaken Radio Podcast Episode #43 Master Your Mean Girl and Live the Life of Your Dreams with Melissa Ambrosini

We all have that running dialogue of inner chatter in our minds that never seems to stop. Sometimes these thoughts feel supportive and empowering, but as most of us would know, a lot of the time they do not.

Most of the time the voice in our mind fills us with stories of lack, limitation and fear. We are bombarded by judgments, criticism, comparison and negativity. And once this train of thinking gets on a roll, it can be pretty hard to stop it!

If you are struggling to break free from this inner chatter and find calmness and peace within, you will love today’s Awaken Radio with author, motivational speaker and self-love teacher Melissa Ambrosini. You will learn practical and powerful ways to master your inner Mean Girl, choose love over fear and shift into a softer, calmer and more effortless way of living.


In This Inspiring Episode We Cover:

  • What it means to tune inwards and how to begin finding inner peace and happiness despite what is happening around you.
  • Why you only ever have two choices – love or fear – and how to know which energy is driving your life.
  • Melissa’s powerful 3 step process for mastering your inner mean girl.
  • How to break out of the pattern of judgment (of ourselves and others) through softness and love.
  • The importance of single-tasking and doing one thing at a time, with your whole heart and at 100%.
  • How to care for your body from a space of love by slowing down, moving mindfully, and practising meditation.
  • Melissa’s tips for managing a busy life full of commitments, while still feeling supported and balanced.
  • How to wrangle your sneaky social media addiction.


Listen to Episode #43 with Melissa Ambrosini:

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