How To Always Make The Right Decision

Sometimes it is hard to make a decision when you don’t know which path is right. You can get stuck in over-thinking. You can stagnate, procrastinate and hesitate.

There can be pressure to make the right decision, and your mind can get tripped up in over-analysing, trying to mentally predict the future, wanting to control all possible outcomes and attempting to make a decision by weighing up pro’s and con’s.

But honestly this is exhausting. And in attempt to make the right decision, you end up making no decision.

But my recommendation is to just make any decision. Why? Because whatever you experience will give you the exact clarity you are seeking.

Sometimes you have to decide first, and then trust that the clarity will come later.

All you need to do is follow what you feel in each moment. But perhaps you are scared to do that, as you want to know the long-term consequences or effects of that decision.

But what if you didn’t need to know?

What if you just followed whatever felt right in that moment? And if in a later moment, it no longer felt right, then you simply followed the new feeling that arose?

This is present moment living at it’s best. This is where freedom resides. This is where life becomes an unpredictable and exciting adventure, rather than a over-planned, safety-driven path that you do everything you can to control.
The right decision is simply whatever feels right in the moment.

And in the next moment, something else might feel right. And that is ok too.


Clarity Will Come Once You Decide

Over the past few months I have learnt this lesson in a very real way. I have been taking risks, making big decisions and embarking on radical changes.


So I can find clarity.

And through these experiences I have learnt a lot.

I learnt that sometimes you need to let things go in order to know if you want to bring them back in.

Sometimes you need to walk away to know if you want to return.

Sometimes you need to risk making the wrong decision in order get clarity on what is actually right.

Sometimes experiencing what you don’t want, helps you get even clear on what you do want.

And I would not have learnt any of these things unless I had been willing to make some hard decisions.

All I have done is followed each feeling. The feeling that has presented in each moment.

I have walked blindly, trusted my gut and acted on instinct.

I have danced through life with a light heart, an open mind and a flexible approach.

And it has been an incredible experience.


So, go with the flow.

Because nothing is set in stone.

You can change your mind/heart.

Change it whenever you feel.

And notice how free you become when you give yourself permission to do that.


Break the rules.

Write your own.

If your actions today contradict your actions tomorrow, does it matter?

No one will judge you. Except you.

And if others judge you, who cares!


And so today I am sharing with you that I’ve recently found new clarity.

And as a result a few things have changed.


1) My Business Has Been Re-Born

Three months ago I decided I wanted to take a break from my business. I thought I was done.

But I realised it was just that things needed to transform. So I found myself an office and I stopped working from home.

I got my life back.

And now I am clearer than ever on what I desire to do. The vision is alight. The fire in my belly is burning bright. I am ready to dive deeper that I have gone before.



2) I Am Coaching Again

At the start of the year I closed my coaching calendar. After coaching 180 clients and nearly 700 sessions, I decided I was done.

But then, I decided to re-open it.

I decided I missed my clients. I missed the intimate and beautiful relationships we would form. I missed the depths they take me too. I missed watching their transformations. I missed the way my heart feels when I witness them expand.

And so I have created some new 1:1 programs for you.

And my coaching schedule is now open. I am back, and I am here for you. Ready to support you.

Ready to take you where you want to go. Ready to give you my all.


And the final piece…


3) I Want To Work With You In Person

Two years ago I stopped offering face to face sessions.

But I realised I miss the real life interaction.

So I have opened some limited spaces to work with me face to face in the Sydney CBD.

And I am also creating a live (in person) Group Coaching Program too!

Interested? Email me at [email protected] and let me know.


And in the meantime, let’s just keep dancing through life.

Riding the waves. Changing our hearts. Following what we feel.


Let’s allow life to be a grand adventure filled with unknowns.

Let us simply be carried wherever it wants to take us.

And if you want to join me on the ride, click here.


Have you ever experienced making a heart-driven change or feeling-based decision which has defied logic? I would love to hear about it, so share with me in the comments.


With love.

Connie x

4 thoughts on “How To Always Make The Right Decision”

  1. Connie, this is perfect – just what I needed to read. I tend to live in limbo far too much, over analysing everything from a very heady space (I’m a gemini after all!). But you are so right, sometimes we’ve got to move to figure out which direction we need to head in. Thanks for sharing babe xx

  2. Wow how true. Been using my energy and focus on this very thing and life is working out in the most wonderful, unexpected and mysterious ways 🙂

  3. Wonderful guidance Connie — I really like the emphasis on making any decision and that no matter which direction you go in, you will be learning the lesson you’re meant to learn. It takes so much of the pressure off trying to do the ‘right thing’. Clarity comes from action not thought! Thanks for sharing this xx

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