Nuggets Of Wisdom For Those In Transition

I feel like I am going through a transition at the moment. An inner transition.  A transition from one way of being, to another.

I feel things shifting, releasing and transforming. I feel different.

It is subtle yet profound. Simple yet intricate. Challenging yet delicious.

I know I am going a bit abstract on you here, but the beautiful thing about this inner transition is that I feel like I cannot really define it or explain it. Rather I can just sense it.

It is not a conscious process. Rather, it is as though these changes are happening to me, rather than me being the one trying to make the change.


What Are Inner Transitions

Inner transitions, take many shapes and forms. I experience them as a period of inner growth, awakening, evolution and development that is often triggered by an external event.

For Example:  

  • We transition to a new way of being when we step out of comfort zone and do something we never thought we could do.
  • We transition when we take on a new job and find ourselves going through an inner growth as a result.
  • We transition when we decide to change how we are eating and treating our body, and our relationship with ourselves is transformed.
  • We transition when we are willing to face that thing that scares us most, and we suddenly discover a version of ourselves that we never new existed.
  • We transition when we begin or end a relationship with a romantic partner and suddenly all of our insecurities and fears rise to the surface so that they can be healed.

Other times, these transitions are more so a results of some type of inner yearning. A yearning to know your self on a deeper level. A yearning to understand the truth of  life. A yearning to break free from old ways of being and experience more freedom, peace and flow.

This is where my transition falls at the moment. Mine is an inner transition of dropping deeper. Deeper in to myself, and in to the experience of life.


Managing Transitions

This week, I have been watching the transitions also occurring in The 90 Day Transformation Project group. After only one week, people in the group have been experiencing massive shifts, new realisations, light bulb moments and powerful self-awareness. It is beautiful to watch.

But it has got me thinking, that often these times of transition can sometimes be challenging to manage. Especially if you are not familiar with them.

When we start to shift and change on the inside, we may be faced with new and unfamiliar feelings. We may start to see ourselves in a whole new light. We may start to let go of ideas we have been holding about our life.

It is through big times of inner transition, that you must create an even stronger connection to your self and your inner guidance. As you will no longer be able to gain the certainty you crave from the external world.

As you shift, your world shifts, and often at a rapid pace. Things outside of you can no longer provide the security you feel you need, so it becomes imperative that you find it inside if you want to manage this transition with ease.

So, today I wanted to share some beautiful nuggets of wisdom to support anyone else who is in the throws of an inner transition of some kind. I hope you find these supportive.


1. Don’t Judge Your Process

Allow whatever process is going on inside of you, to simply be.  However your inner process unfolds is perfect. It may happen slowly or may happen fast.

For me, my transition has meant that I am now doing things in different ways. I used to be a constant ‘do-er’ and I would force myself to take certain actions because I felt I had to or needed to. Now, I am practicing following the guidance of my feelings more so than my head. I am doing what I feel to do, rather than what I need to do.

It feels foreign, and I have at times caught myself feeling that there is something wrong with it. I have been feeling less productive and efficient and there has been a fear arising around what would happen if certain things don’t get done.

But I have decided to trust this process, rather than allow the judgement to interfere. For the moment, I don’t feel like doing much. But that probably won’t last. This is just where I am at in my process right now.

Allow your journey to unfold as it needs to. Allow your feelings to guide you through it, rather than listening to your head.


2. Release Outcomes And Results

Transitions are not about attaining anything or arriving at some specific destination. Rather they are a journey that endlessly unfolds without a plan.

Your transition may be triggered by something external, which initially makes your mind get caught up in the story of it all. But really, the external catalyst is irrelevant, and as long as you make it about that, you will lose the point of this process.

Inner transitions cannot be measured. They cannot be defined. They are fluid and flowing and they need to be allowed to run their course.

I could easily make my inner transition about an external result. In fact, my mind has tried many times. My mind has often linked my inner journey to the attainment of more success in my business. It says, “If I can become more self aware and more connected to my truth, then I will gain better results in my business”

Or let’s say you are going through an inner transition of dropping in to deeper levels of self love. Your mind may say “If I love myself more, then I will be able to attract a man who will love me too”

These things may be true. But the external outcomes will be a natural by product of your inner work, rather than the intended result of your process.


3. Remain Present & Grounded In The Here And Now

Allowing your mind to jump in to the past or future, will take you away from the precious experience you are in right now.

Remain grounded in your body by practicing regular meditation, deep breathing and by grounding your feet in to the earth. Keep your mind focused on where you are and what you are doing in this moment.

When we encounter something inside of us that we don’t want to experience we will often take ourselves out of the moment by distracting ourselves with thoughts of other things.

Allow yourself to feel and process whatever is coming up for you. The only way to do that is to remain really present so you can fully experience what is unfolding in this moment.

You do not need to plan or worry about what is coming next. If you continue to remain present, the next step in your journey will be revealed at the exact right time that you need it.


Have you ever experienced this feeling of inner transition? How did you support yourself through it? Share below.

With love,

Connie x


10 thoughts on “Nuggets Of Wisdom For Those In Transition”

  1. Hi Connie

    Your posts are always eerily well timed and on the mark – I feel like most of this year has been a process of transition, of trying to break out of the cocoon (hopefully into a butterfly!), and I love this post on being kind + conscious throughout this transition. I’m also working through your eBook at the moment which is brilliant, thanks for creating such a wonderful (free!) resource.

    Sophie x

    1. conniechapman

      You know what Sophie, the whole time I was writing that post I had this image in my mind of being in the cocoon where everything was being beautifully rearranged so I could emerge as a butterfly! It really is such a perfect metaphor to describe this process. Our cocoon periods all last for different periods, but I have no doubt you will emerge from yours at the exact time that you need to.

      I am so thrilled to hear that you are enjoying my ebook. It makes me so happy to hear that it is really supporting you! xx

  2. Thank you Connie for your beautiful words, truth + wisdom. Totally understand why I have felt the need to slow down lately, I have felt called to just be rather than consume my focus with what’s next and the do, do, do mindset. Lots of love, Ellena x

    1. conniechapman

      Oh Ellena, how often do we try to resist that little voice that tells us to slow down. We somehow think there is something wrong with that! But it is so beautiful that you are so tuned in to your inner guidance that you can really hear it. Keep following it’s sweet, loving whispers.

      Can’t wait to see you in June xx

  3. Lovely, Connie!

    High concepts to try to understand, but they make sense. And I’ve discovered that understanding something intellectually is usually the step before understanding it on a different level. 🙂 So, thank you for this and all you do!

    1. conniechapman

      Erika, I love what you said! Yes, there is the ‘intellectual’ understanding of something, and then there is a deeper knowing that arises when we are willing to sit with a new concept and really embrace it.

      You explained it beautifully xx

  4. Great post Connie! I think I definitely need to release the expectations of specific results and just focus on the work and in a way almost ‘going with the flow’ of the work instead of trying to say “when this happens, I’ll feel like this and have achieved this”. x

    1. Awesome realisation Aimee. It really is so much more about the journey than the destination!! xx

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